Cannabis consumers should not be forced to buy their cannabis from sources where proceeds go towards real crime or funding gangs that create real victims. The cannabis is usually below any reasonable consumable standards or the price is incredibly inflated. This current system is a completely artificial chain that has been created entirely by the continued enforcement of prohibition.  There are perfect working models of legitemate cannabis farming and collectives all the way up to a full green industry in America. The United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs are here to help from current policy by replacing the criminal supply chain with a closed circuit, community based system similar to that which is working in other parts of Europe. Our mission is;

  • To facilitate the growth of a local and national cannabis community that can help spread the truth about cannabis as well as direct support to others in need that have suffered from unjust and damaging  laws that criminalise for possession, supply and cultivation.
  • To keep track of local and national cannabis stories in the media and generate a dialogue between cannabis consumer groups and the appropriate press. We will produce original content to keep the community and clubs up to date with change to policy, newly published scientific studies and events or protests taking place around the country. We aim to make the news – not just follow it.
  • To hold local and national meetings so that we can reach out to our members and other cannabis consumers and the areas of our communities that are being unfairly without even realising the damage of enforcing prohibition. Prohibition is an expensive and harmful counterproductive failure.
  • To destigmatise cannabis consumption. We believe that consumers should not be criminalised or treated differently than any other member of society or culture or those that use another social or medical drug.
  • To remove the criminal black market and divert funds away from organised crime by replacing it with a community based and/or regulated outlets with age restrictions imposed so that those most vulnerable are protected.
  • To convert jobs that criminalise cannabis gardeners into legal jobs that the Government can tax.
  • UKCSC support the right to domestic cultivation for personal and medicinal use without fear or having their peace breached by the force of the law. UKCSC would also like to encourage community gardens where members would be able to grow as a collective.