The Psychoactive Substances Bill: "Absolutely f*****g absurd"


This really is absolutely fucking absurd. Right now under prohibition in the UK I can get a quarter pound of cannabis to my doorstep faster than a dominos pizza.

The war on drugs is absolutely and entirely redundant, and by making drugs illegal we are not protecting anybody at all. In fact it’s arguable we are putting the vulnerable at risk. We are simply expanding the black market. Giving the criminals more capital to generate income in a market that’s so widespread and prevalent in society that it can’t even be kept out of prisons. Imprisonment for drugs offences in today’s society is not only immoral but it’s absolutely unfeasible. Drugs are everywhere because everyone does drugs.

‘The Psychoactive Substances Bill applied to “any substance intended for human consumption that is capable of producing a psychoactive effect”, the government said. Alcohol, tobacco and caffeine will be excluded, and there are also exemptions for food and medical products, while controlled drugs will continue to be regulated by existing laws.’

This is how the conservative government is treating it’s people. Like narcissist parents. Rules for the sake of rules to keep us in line as if we are unruly children who cannot be behaved. Rules that they give themselves free reign to sidestep for absolutely no rational reason. If we’re banning them all, take away alcohol and tobacco because they are two substances that are not only some of the most destructive we choose to put in our body, but they represent two industries that are the most pervasive and dangerous to our society.

Alcohol kills millions but big business keeps it alive, cannabis kills no one but because you can grow it in your back garden they can’t let you do it. I would discourage anyone who wants to try the majority of these ‘legal highs’ as they themselves are a product of prohibition. They’re very often far more dangerous than many illegal drugs. Many of them are also absolutely fucking harmless but of course using rationale, logic, science and basic fucking reasoning is not required when writing legislation for a conservative government.

~ Cassius Kingsley