Theresa May Smack Talks Cannabis: Heroin & Suicide?

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Tories Hate Cannabis so much it’s becoming an international joke

By Greg de Hoedt and Chris Bovey.

Theresa May and Robert Peston talk about cannabis.
Theresa May dismisses cannabis legalisation in a live Q&A on ITV with Robert Peston.

Theresa May recently took part in a live question and answer session, during which she was asked why she cannot support cannabis legalisation.

The moderator, Robert Peston, relayed the question from a lady called Emma who told the Prime Minister that it’s the only thing that helps her debilitating anxiety, but she has to be a criminal to get the only thing that helps her.

May responded that one of her constituents had a son who sadly killed himself after smoking cannabis as a teen and then used heroin some years later.

It’s the sort of thing your mother tells you as a child and you believe her. It was the rhetoric my mum now admits was “just what we were told”. Ultimately, I grew up, and met others who consumed cannabis. I’ve met people who have used heroin, some of whom have been on treatment programs and counselling to recover, so I understand it is a very complex issue and can never be boiled down to “well, he smoked that joint and just started getting cravings for heroin” which as anyone who has learned anything about biology knows, is utterly ridiculous beyond belief. I’ve lost friends to heroin overdose too. I cannot express how failed they were by society.

There are numerous peer reviewed studies that show abuse in childhood or simply neglect leads people on to using drugs like heroin and developing a dependency, as well as being causes of suicide themselves. But unlike Mrs May, we aren’t here to speculate, as she did.

“There’s a wonderful woman in my constituency, Elizabeth Burton Phillips who runs something called DrugFAM, which supports families,” May said on Monday. “One of her twin sons—they both started on cannabis when they were at school and went on to heroin, and one of her twin sons committed suicide. This has a huge impact on families.”

No, Theresa, this doesn’t mean 50% of people who have ever consumed cannabis commit suicide … we know you like to alter drug report figures but … ahem.

She thinks her constituents are wonderful so she believes them. However, Emma is obviously lying in Theresa May’s mind, so she can go fuck herself as far has the Prime Minister is concerned.

She doesn’t worry about the people she doesn’t think are wonderful either – she just completely dismisses what they have to say live on air. This was the response that Theresa May gave when asked if cannabis would be legalised by a voter brave enough to ask her, because she needs it as a medicine for anxiety.

So from consuming cannabis because it helps a person function in daily life straight on to “you’re going to kill yourself after becoming a heroin addict – don’t do it, I know someone who did!”

One has to question, did the dealer selling the weed also sell the heroin? Because that in itself is a simple argument for regulation of cannabis products – to remove them from the rest of the drug market.

What Theresa May doesn’t have is any friends whose daughters were kidnapped, drugged against their will until they were addicted, and then made to be sex slaves for criminal gangs that they are then sold on to.

This happens and this happens under the watch of cannabis prohibition. Bit of a stretch I hear you say – but it really isn’t. Criminal gangs that make a business out of selling illicit pleasure don’t just stick to one market. Whatever you want, they can get it for you.

“Over the past decade police have become increasingly aware of a trafficking route from Vietnam that brings hundreds of young, vulnerable Vietnamese men and women to the UK every year. While women and girls are sent to work in nail bars or in the sex industry, young men and boys are forced to become gardeners in small, hidden cannabis farms, often set up in suburban houses.”

What does Theresa May think the suicide rate is of girls that make it out of this evil trade, or does she even care whether they make it out at all?

If Theresa May had children, do you think she would feel differently about knowing young girls are being raped and drugged? Who are not even able to contact their mothers because they don’t even know what country they are in and have no cognitive functions?

Cannabis is an incredibly quick growing crop from start to harvest. With a well set up system you can produce four or five crops in one domestic house per year, making as much as £30,000 per crop. That is some serious fast cash to start up your own “buy anything you want and sell it for more profit” criminal enterprise: Guns, drugs, slaves for growing the weed, and girls that can be sold effectively to be raped while they are continuously injected with drugs to dope their senses, so they do not fight it.

Theresa May could do something no male prime minister has had the balls to do and could help eliminate this horrendous element that is rotting the surface and the core of British culture and society. She could be a saviour to these young girls who have had to endure something that we do not even allow animals to suffer. Unless those animals happen to be cute, fluffy, foxes of course. Or elephants (that is not fake news).

Theresa May painting.
Theresa May, by former Spitting Image artist, Michael Shurman.

Knowingly allowing this evil industry to survive by enforcing a policy – cannabis prohibition – that not only enables it, but allows it to flourish, whilst the most vile criminals in the world operate untouched, cannot and must not be condoned by any voter that has any respect for women. How a female Prime Minister – who is seeking election to that role for the first time – can allow this to happen can only be explained by her anecdote that cannabis is a gateway drug. How pathetic. In no uncertain terms.

Clearly Theresa May did not get the memo that was published just four days ago.

The Evidence Is Overwhelming: Cannabis Is an Exit Drug for Major Addictions, Not a Gateway to New Ones

“People dependent on cocaine, opioids, and other prescription drugs could ease out of their addictions with cannabis.”

Read that bit again: “opioids and other prescription drugs” !!!

Equally, the ridiculous Psychoactive Substances Act introduced Mrs May banned the sale of many other medicinal herbs such as kratom, a natural substance that has been clinically proven to help wean people off heroin.

Theresa Hates Cannabis just like Tories Hate Cannabis.

If we recall back to back in 2014 the Liberal Democrats commissioned the Home Office to produce a Drug report: International Comparators, Theresa May was accused of this: Theresa May ‘tried to alter drug report because she didn’t like its conclusions’

Hardly sounds like a strong and stable leader … more like a corrupt and manipulative place-holder, desperate for voters not to vote for a policy that actually resonates with a large proportion of the country, who have made their own international comparisons, and drawn the conclusion that British cannabis policy is quite literally a laughing stock.

Sadly the report commissioned by the Lib Dems did not mention anything about the suicide rates in countries and territories where cannabis has been legalised or made available for medicinal purposes.

As we reported a while back, suicide rates in places that have already reformed cannabis laws and regulated access dropped by up to 50% (as well as homicide in Colorado). This could potentially prevent up to 680 suicides a year. If this number of people were truly being killed by cannabis, or being killed by people who used cannabis, you could perhaps understand the concern around legalising. But the reality is that these people could actually benefit from a strong and stable drugs policy.

One in ten people with who commit suicide have a lifelong medical condition. People with lifelong medical conditions also fall into the category of people that are most likely to benefit from the medicinal properties of cannabis. Knowing these people are prevented from accessing a safe, herbal medicine doesn’t instill hope, and seeing Theresa May claim that cannabis causes suicide in response to a patient asking about legalising cannabis provides no hope for people that have no other way of easing the debilitating symptoms they suffer every single day of the year.

Let’s not forget to keep mentioning alcohol was attributed to 78,000 deaths last year.

Nor should we hide from the fact that alcohol is well documented to be a cause of psychosis and suicidal tendencies, as was shown in this Suicidal Behavior and Alcohol Abuse study published in 2010.

“Suicide is an escalating public health problem, and alcohol use has consistently been implicated in the precipitation of suicidal behavior. Alcohol abuse may lead to suicidality through disinhibition, impulsiveness and impaired judgment, but it may also be used as a means to ease the distress associated with committing an act of suicide.”

When compared to alcohol, cannabis was found to be 114x safer in a study published in the Scientific Reports part of the respected journal, Nature.

Theresa May is not fit to be Prime Minister with draconian views that seem to sit very closely with those of The Bow Group, who have been pushing the anti-cannabis agenda since the Liberal Democrat’s Manifesto publication.

Remember, vote tactically on June 8th!

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  1. Legalization is inevitable all over the world)) And then pharmaceutical companies will fail in many areas of treatment. After all, cannabis is a medicine for many diseases.

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