This Week In Weed – 3 February 2019


California doctor’s licence revoked after prescribing boy cannabis cookies for tantrums

A father in California has said that cannabis had a “positive effect” on him and both his children after his son’s doctor had his licence revoked after prescribing cannabis cookies for the boy’s temper tantrums.

Dr William Eidelman, a natural medicine physician, said small doses of marijuana would help calm the child down.

However, while the Medical Board of California has not punished him for prescribing cannabis per se, which is legal in California, it has decided that Eidelman – who has launched an appeal – misdiagnosed the child as having bipolar disorder and attention deficit disorder (ADD).

The boy’s father had ADHD and bipolar disorder himself – as did his older brother – and had a negative experience with prescribed medications at the time, saying he felt like a “human guinea pig”.

He started using marijuana later in life, saying it helped “calm him” and changed his behaviour towards his wife, towards whom he had previously “exhibited anger”.

Ukraine’s Acting Health Minister endorses medical cannabis

Ulyana Suprun, Acting Health Minister in Ukraine, has urged the country’s government to legalise medical cannabis.

In a post on Facebook, she said access to certain cannabis-based medications would boost patient’s rights to medical assistance.

£14m of cannabis washes up on a beach in Gibraltar

More than £14m worth of cannabis – eighty tightly-wrapped bales weighing three tons – washed up on a beach in Gibraltar on Friday.

Three people who were rescued from a boat are thought to be part of a gang which has used drones to avoid police operations.

With its proximity to Morocco and historical ties to Latin America, Spain is an important passageway for international drug dealers.

Snoop Dogg accused of copying NHL team’s leaf logo

Snoop Dogg’s cannabis company has been accused by National Hockey League franchise the Toronto Maple Leafs of trademark infringement.

It said the fact that Leafs by Snoop uses the same spelling of leafs could “lead to confusion”,  while also objecting to the branding and logos of the new start-up. “The similarity between the marks is exacerbated by the design elements of the Leafs by Snoop Mark,” it claims.

“The Applicant’s design mark uses a white font enclosed within a wide-shaped leaf with three large segments at the top of the mark, a  design echoing and highly similar to the Maple Leafs’ design marks.”

Snoop Dogg, referred to in the legal paperwork by his real name Calvin Broadus, filed for the trademark last July and launched the company in Colorado in November.

The Maple Leafs insisted they had long-standing trademarks over the alternative spelling of Leafs.

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