Tories Hate Cannabis: Vote Tactically To Support Cannabis Reform


Today the Liberal Democrats announced in their manifesto that they will legalise, regulate and tax cannabis in the UK and include the cannabis social club model in these plans – if they are elected to run Government on June 8th. But what impact will this have?

While the UK Cannabis Social Clubs have played a part in writing this policy and endorse it as a great stride in the right direction, echoing the motions taken by the elected Liberal government in Canada, we believe the best way to vote in the upcoming general election 2017 is tactically. To get the Conservatives out of power.

Each of the Parties of the Left supports and has stated in their manifesto’s they will legalise the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes. Labour, Lib Dems and the Greens, so if your concern is for the patients and those suffering the most – it really is just the Conservatives that aren’t interested in helping those whose lives could be made much more bearable, enjoyable and even survivable.

Labour – To legalise cannabis for medicinal purposes.
Lib Dems – Taxed legalisation and regulation for adults across the board
Greens – Taxed legalisation and regulation for adults across the board

But don’t just pick one and vote! Check this website that has been made to help you vote with the largest majority that could win the seat off the Conservatives in your area.

Of course, you are free to vote as you wish! But please do vote. Holding the opinion that not voting will have some kind of impact is dangerous to the progress of the cannabis campaign in the UK, as well as those that are suffering at the hands of public service cuts. Only those who vote in this election will influence the outcome for the next 5 years. If your reason is to “not participate in a broken system” because you think it encourages it, consider this: Tories aren’t that apathetic, they will see that weakness and use the lack of opposition to roll out policies that strip away even more of the rights that non voters couldn’t care less about protecting.

If you want Cannabis prescriptions on the NHS…you better make sure you vote in a way that secures the NHS.

I make no apology for taking a political party stance, when there are as many people suffering at the hands of tory policies, not just their cannabis one, we need to take a collective stand and uniite against corporate lead tyranny.

Greg de Hoedt
Michael Fisher
Stuart Harper
United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs

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