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The United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs have officially elected their Board of Directors and joined ENCOD.

The UKCSC was formed in 2011 with the aim to change the current situation for cannabis consumers and those involved with the industry supporting legal jobs over criminalisation.

The Cannabis Social Club model started in Spain and has been very successful in removing the harms associated with the illicit cannabis trade by replacing it with a not for profit model that grows the pre-agreed required amount for its members, be they medical or recreational.

This week UKCSCs voted for their President, Board of Directors and Regional Representatives and are now ready to start rolling out more cannabis campaigns in more areas of the United Kingdom.

The Board is as follows;
President – Greg de Hoedt
Secretary – Alan Tommo
Treasurer – Jimbob Marley

Public Relations – Orson Boon
Political/Gov Liaison – Stuart Harper
Web Admin – Ben Clarke

South Regional – Clark French
London Regional – Orson Boon
East Mids Regional – Milly Sativa
East Regional – Craig Swifty
West Mids Regional – Greg de Hoedt
North East Regional – Jay Blaze
North West Regional – Alan Tommo
Scotland Regional – Chris MacKenzie Welsh Regional – Joe Watkins
South West Regional – Deej Sullivan

UKCSC have also joined up to ENCOD (The European Coalition for Just and Effective Drug Policies), a pan-European network currently comprised of 140 NGO’s and individual experts involved in the drug issue on a daily base. They have been instrumental in helping spread the CSC movement across Europe and we look forward to working with them here in the UK.

UKCSC is filled with a fantastic and diverse group of people that have all come together to actively make a difference to the laws that directly effect them and the rest of the country. We are not just here because we want to smoke weed, we are here because we want to make a difference, one that is achievable and one that is being lived out by people just like us that happen to live in a country that have fought for

and won back the rights for adults to consume something that is safer than legally available recreational drugs like alcohol and tobacco.

UKCSC would like to thank everyone for the continued support and growth that we are seeing in all parts of the country. It is well over due that we stop allowing ourselves to be criminalised and stigmatised by such an illogical policy and lack of evidence.

If you would like to contact us please feel free to send us an e-mail to

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