UKCSC: Burn One & Burn Rubber Go-Karting Mini GP Fun Day

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To celebrate 5 years of the UK Cannabis Social Clubs we are holding a fun day and team building experience in the form of GO KARTING!

With 55MPH twin engined pro-karts and a 950m (nearly a full kilometre!) track with lots of complex corners and long fast bends it will make for a great go-karting experience on a circuit with plenty of adrenaline fuelled moments to remember!

We have 30 places available (but if we are oversubscribed soon enough we can add more) and it will take up most of the afternoon.

This event is planned to coincide with the UKCSC 1st Congressional AGM on Sunday 6th of November in Leicester but is open to all members of UK Cannabis Social Clubs, not just the admins that will be attending the following day.

While there are many smoking events up and down the country, cannabis is what brings us together as people, it’s not the only reason we leave our homes though! Some of us like to have fun and socialise in other ways.

Already we have had comments from members about how this will be a great day for them to spend time with other like-minded people where they don’t have to worry about their medical condition, the stigma or being socially anxious. This is what our community is all about.


The ticket cost of the event is £50 and we require a £20 deposit from you to confirm your place.


You will have 2 races each and there will be a final where the winners will also receive a medal at a mini award ceremony. We know this won’t be for everyone but feel this will be a great day out and way to have a bit of fun after 5 years of non stop UKCSC proactivism.

To reserve your place send an email to with the subject “Go Karting” and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


Who will be the first across the finish line? The race is on!


What the day will consist of

Event is set to start for 15:30 , so if people could arrive for 14:30 to get the safety briefing sorted this will let the event run smoothly!

Final payment of £30 to be made before the day can start.
You are given a safety briefing which has been recorded by the National Karting Association (NKA). The NKA provides a strict set of guidelines to which we operate. They carry out an annual inspection of our track, karts and facilities and ensure that we continue to operate to exceptionally high safety standards. They also provide on-going updates on safety, technical and operational issues as well as representing the karting industry in the UK.

Once you have received your briefing we do a secondary track briefing which is more specific to our Circuit.

“We explain how the event will run, we help you with braking points, racing lines and cover Kart control. We will even give you a few tips on how to get a good lap time.”

With the formalities out of the way it’s time to get suited up and take to the track. All events start with an installation lap giving you an opportunity to get acquainted with the kart and the circuit layout.

One of the marshals will lead you around the track showing you the racing line and the braking point and how to get back into the pits before setting you off on the first of you timed laps.

2 x 10 minute Heats to determine starting final and grid positions.
1 x 20 minute Final

Timesheet printouts for lap times

Trophy, bubbly & Medals for top 3 to wave about proudly


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