The United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs aims to:

  • Remove the criminally controlled black market and divert funds away from organised crime by replacing it with community based and/or regulated outlets that require proof of age at purchase. Dealers do not ask for age ID under the current policy of prohibition so we are not currently protecting our children or the vulnerable.
  • Encourage cannabis testing for harm reduction and so that consumers are aware of the cannabinoid content and can make an informed decision. What is the strength and how much THC or CBD is in the cannabis? Is it a Sativa or Indica? Is it clean from contamination, pests, pesticides and moulds?
  • Support the right to domestic cultivation for personal and medicinal cannabis use without fear of having their peace breached by the force of the law or grow room burglary. Domestic cultivation for personal use harms no one so police resources and court time should not be wasted on these activities.
  • Legalise the cannabis industry and provide legitimate taxable jobs to people that would currently be criminalised for working with cannabis. This will help boost the economy, reduce unemployment and reduce crime figures. Criminalising non-violent cannabis consumers has led to a large number of people unable to get work for having a drug conviction.
  • Offer a safer medicine and recreation option to current legally available drugs such as alcohol, tobacco, coffee and pharmaceutical drugs. No one has ever died from cannabis which cannot be said for the other legally available and therefore government sanctioned drugs.