UKCSC chairman Greg de Hoedt invited to speak at German Hemp Association conference this weekend

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UK Cannabis Social Clubs chairman Greg de Hoedt has been invited to speak at the annual conference of Hanfverband, the German Hemp Association, on Friday and Saturday. Greg will speak on the Cannabis Social Club panel with Michel Degens (Belgium), Ana Afuera (Spain), Christian Müller Sienra (Uruguay), and Emanuel Milazzo (Italy).

Greg said: “I’m really keen to learn more about the German movement for safer access through clubs and collectives that are campaigning for the right to grow and the medical cannabis situation out there for patients who can access flowers through pharmacies already with a prescription. It will be good to learn about what problems have been faced and what benefits have been seen from such a tightly controlled prescribing procedure.

“It will be great to see updates from Michel Degens of the Mambo Social Club in Belgium. He has been at the forefront of the European right to grow campaign for a decade and been influential to the UKCSC model research process. We had him over to speak at our own conference in 2016 to share his advice with clubs.”

We will be sure to grab some content while we are there and report back to you next week.

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