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The United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs would like to introduce you to our new online home! UKCSC started as an online presence thorough social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook at the end of 2011 and throughout 2012 grew to a community that reaches across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

UKCSC bannerHere at our website you will be able to follow the latest news in the cannabis community, stay ahead of the mainstream media in any relevant news stories and get a straight forward common sense look at the political and social developments in cannabis law reform.

Please take the time to browse our site and read up on sections UK Law and The Mission we are undertaking and learn about our views on decriminalisation, regulation and the way we think cannabis consumers should be treated in the UK – with equal respect.

An events page has also been included so you can come out and show your support!

At the launch of this site the UKCSC have over 60 groups working locally as part of a national network. We would like to see each of these groups expand and for new ones to join us as we continue to grow as an organisation and achieve actual social and political change in the UK. The time is long overdue.

Whilst our online growth has been a fantastic head start in attracting the attention of the aware cannabis consumer with a keen eye and hunger for more information, it is not a viable way to continue our growth if we wish to truly reach the cannabis community to educate and empower them for the change we all want to see.

The UKCSC are excited to be supporting and working closely with the National Organisation for the Reform of Marijuana Laws UK (NORML UK) who founded their chapter here in 2012. NORML UK are a non-governmental, non-partisan
political organisation working to reform cannabis laws in the UK. Together we aim to put the importance of the person in front of the plant.

Please feel free to use this website to voice your opinion about the cannabis scene in the UK, we are a community and we have the opportunity to increase the unity. Our website has a built in facility for you to submit posts that include, blogs, pictures, videos and links to cannabis related happenings that you want us and the rest of the cannabis nation to know about. Your stories are what matter to us, if you have been unfairly treated by the police or justice system, if you are unfairly stigmatised by friends or family, if you have been fired from work because you like to smoke cannabis or need it as your medication this is a place for you to have your say and be heard.

Thank you to those that have joined the movement so far and made it get to where it has. We are excited to meet more of you that have yet to come across what we have to say.

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