Win a 10 Pack of DINAFEM Blue Hash Seeds via Product Earth Expo

The biggest Hemp event of the year is under a month away and we thought we would help make that all the more exciting for you – as we are finding it hard to contain ourselves. 
As you can probably tell from the last few weeks we are super excited to be making our way to Product Earth in June and we would love it if you came along to join in with the weekend of fun in Peterborough too!
There are some absolutely sick music acts filling up the slots on the live stage this year and we have curated a broad and informative Seminar Zone for you to come and check out. We will be hosting 16 speakers over two days on our stage bang in the center of the expo hall and due to the popularity of the speakers last year we’ve extended the seating capacity. 
Cherry Haze Medibles, Jeff Ditchfield, Chico Ryder, CannaWell, Medi Monkey’s, Release & Transform will be speaking and the one and only Dr Lester Grinspoon will be joining us via a video link for some stories of the journey to where we got with cannabis laws and medical cannabis now and where he thinks things are going. There are some brilliant stories of his time serving as one of the most forward thinking and progressive medical professional cannabis advocates of the lase two centuries.
UKCSC PEE Stands C20
Get your tickets and camping passes here ASAP– we have been urged  by our good friend, Sarah Smith in the offices of Product Earth to urge you to pre-book your camping pitches as “at the rate they are selling now it is very likely to sell out before the even opens on the Friday when you’ll be expected to arrive”.
Thank you for the tip Sarah, we hope the UKCSC followers get in there quick and score themselves a place in one of the sponsored camping zones that have been lined up this year.
We have a pack of DINAFEM Blue Hash seeds to give away to someone so if you go ahead and buy your tickets through this link here and we will enter you into our prize draw and you will be able to collect the prize from us at Product Earth Expo when you arrive and come see us at our booth C20!
Please give this photo a share on your walls to support the UK Cannabis Social Clubs across the country fighting for change in their local areas and putting their heads above the line. We will be speaking with some of the active clubs and new clubs on the scene at Product Earth and hope to pass on the tools that will enable more of you to start taking steps to making change happen near you too.
You will only be entered into the prze draw if you purchase your tickets through the link given above – otherwise we have no way of knowing you have entered. Good luck with the Blue Hash seed giveaway, everyone!
If you are posting about the awesome weekend to come please make sure you add in the hashtags #ProductEarthExp #BlueHash #Dinafem #UKCSC #CannabisSocialClubs !
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