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Jerk and Fire – Brighton Cannabis Club’s Dank Holiday Celebration

Dank Holiday Monday + Brighton = Jerk & Fire (with a spot of cricket) The summer season has taken a little while to get fully underway here in the United Kingdom, but the cannabis clubs and collectives of the UKCSC have taken full advantage of that and hosted events almost every weekend of the summer

Devon Cannabis Club

The Devon Cannabis Club Summer Picnic Protest – 27th August in Exeter

The Devon Cannabis Club return to Flowerpots Playing Field  in Exeter on Saturday 27th August at 12pm. This will be the 4th year the community group has convened at this location to raise awareness to the growing cannabis reform movement around the world. The United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs have been protesting in every county


Biggest Smoke Up In The North: Canna CampFest 2016

This year has had no end of cannabis friendly events for memebrs of the growing Cannabis Social Club movement to attend and in no way is that slowing down, just yet anyway. Up next is Teesside Cannabis Clubs, Canna CampFest bringing dank times to the North East.  Are you ready?   Canna CampFest was first


The Search for CBD Cannabis in Amsterdam…

Amsterdam has, for the last 40 plus years held the title as the Mecca for cannabis consumers with its liberal stance and wide access to a large number of tolerated coffeeshops. The Netherlands has also found itself as the first country to prescribe cannabis flowers for a range of medical conditions. There are several varieties

Harm Reduction


Norman Lamb Cannabis Bill Dropped

Cannabis Regulation and Legalisation Bill 2016 dropped

On the 23rd March 2016, the Liberal Democrat MP for North Norfolk, Mr. Norman Lamb, made a historic proposal in a ten minute speech to the House of Commons. Mr. Lamb outlined and endorsed a system of total regulation and legalisation of cannabis in the UK, focusing primarily on the recreational cannabis with peripheral reference

The Sensible Cannabis Consumer


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