CANNACAMPFEST with Teeside Cannabs Club – Aug 1st Redcar Rugby Club

For the 2nd year running TCC are hosting the North Easts biggest and best cannabis event CANNACAMPFEST, so dust off your tents and get your dankest herbs cured ready for the weekend chillathon.  Last year was an intimate gathering with people coming from across the UK to enjoy the cannabis camping weekend. “This year is


Summer Cannabis Calender 2015

We have already had two really fun and big events in the UK with Hyde Park 420 and Product Earth bringing thousands of people together to make the world a little bit more happy, peaceful and unified.  Over the next 8 weeks though there are lots more events on the grassroots level meaning that if

Surrey Cannabis Comment

Cannabis seizures drop in Surrey but more are growing say Cannabis Club

An article covering cannabis production in the Surrey Ad this week quotes Surrey Cannabis Club’s Alan Pavia.  “I don’t think these figures show that less people are growing, in fact I think the opposite is true, more people are growing than ever before. “People are growing a lot more for personal use and that has

BCC Green Pride

Celebrate Green Pride 2015 with Brighton Cannabis Club

Brighton Cannabis Club is bringing back Green Pride for its second year and is inviting everyone to come along to chill for the day. “In 2014 we saw over 100 people turn up for the first protestival and the club had only been running for a few months.” The Cannabis Social Club movement started in Spain and


What’s the best Amsterdam Coffeeshop?

The cannabis scene is evolving across Europe but Amsterdam will always be Amsterdam and home to the original coffeeshops of the world. We are heading out to Cannabis Liberation Day on the 14th of June to celebrate all things green but we want to know where we should be heading to pick up our scooby


The Psychoactive Substances Bill: “Absolutely f*****g absurd”

This really is absolutely fucking absurd. Right now under prohibition in the UK I can get a quarter pound of cannabis to my doorstep faster than a dominos pizza. The war on drugs is absolutely and entirely redundant, and by making drugs illegal we are not protecting anybody at all. In fact it’s arguable we

Harm Reduction

Legal Cannabis Sales

How should cannabis be sold?

We’re carrying out a survey to find out the way people would like to see cannabis sold under a legally regulated market. Even if you don’t use cannabis it would be interesting to have your opinion included as this is an issue that does really affect everyone. Each tax payer contributes £400 a year to maintaining a


Leaders Debate

What your MP Candidates think about cannabis policy.

The General Election 2015 is fast approaching but will you be voting? We all want an evidence based policy so let’s find out what your current MP feels about the current drug policy and what their plans are in regards to cannabis legislation after the new Government is assembled.  Please take this letter and fill

The Sensible Cannabis Consumer

High Grade Cannabis UK

What Should I Be Paying For My Weed? (And Oil).

The underground cultivation of cannabis in the UK shows no signs of slowing down despite the best efforts of dedicated Cannabis Eradication teams across these Isles. If anything more people are turning to growing cannabis than ever before and this is for several reasons. Firstly it cuts the price down to ten percent. Pretty good