UK “Medical” Cannabis hits the news…but where does it leave recreational consumers?

The UK has just seen the launch of a big financially backed medical cannabis campaign, End Our Pain which has been seen in the national press this week, raised some cannabis enthusiasts hopes and ruffled some others feathers. But let’s look at the bigger picture.  We have seen a lot of comments both ways regarding the […]

United Patients Alliance Debunk Home Office Cannabis Petition Response

The government have now given an initial response to the Petition calling on them to Legalise the Production, Sale and Use of Cannabis: Which you can read here  (Oh and whilst you have it open – SIGN IT!) May I Retort? By Jonathan Leibling Political Director, United Patients Alliance. This is a tired response from our Government filled […]

A Budget To Benefit All – Could Cannabis Taxation Stop Cuts?

Yesterday the ConDem government announced their latest budget. And as you can imagine it didn’t gain the attention of cannabis’ economic impact in Colorado. Here Trev Coleman delves into how cannabis taxation could help stop cuts to vital services.  In the budget, they have announced a £1.3 billion package of subsidies and tax breaks to […]