Media Coverage

A list of UKCSC coverage

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17/11/13 – The Guardian: Cannabis clubs blossoming in the UK

27/01/14 – The Argus: Brighton cannabis club scouts for unofficial dope speakeasies

16/04/14 – The Guardian: Why thousands of people are going to get high in Hyde Park

17/06/14 – Vice: Activists Are Planting Weed in Public All Over the UK

31/08/14 – Surrey Live: Surrey Cannabis Club stages protest picnic

03/08/15 – There Was a Laughing-Gas Protest Party Outside Westminster This Weekend

03/08/15 – Vice: There Was a Laughing-Gas Protest Party Outside Westminster This Weekend

16/04/15 – Russia Today: Daze in the park: 420 cannabis festival returns to UK

08/10/15 – The Economist: The other green belt

03/04/16 – Mail on Sunday: You dopes! Drug activist drinks from a fountain of illegal liquid cannabis – at a ‘session’ in a city nightclub that was openly advertised… which the police were totally ignorant of until alerted by MoS enquiries 

23/06/16 – Voltface: In Their Own Words: The Story of the UK’s Cannabis Social Clubs

08/11/16 – Voltface: UK’s Cannabis Social Clubs Come of Age

01/02/17 – Votleface: Cannabis Social Clubs: Community, Cultivation and Change-Making

15/03/17 – Vice: How British Weed Growers Are Avoiding Prosecution

10/04/17 – Glasgow Green to host sixth annual cannabis gathering with 420 Hempstock Festival

20/04/17 – Daily Express: 4/20 Hyde Park 2017: Why are cannabis smokers protesting on ‘weed day’?

27/04/17 – Hundreds set to march through Cardiff in favour of cannabis legalisation

06/01/17 – Dope Magazine: Cannabis in the United Kingdom

05/06/17 – What Does the UK Think About Cannabis Legalization?

30/09/17 – Vice: The UK’s Weed Smokers Are Raising Thousands of Pounds for Cancer Charities

25/01/18 – Mail Online: Inside the UK’s first ‘legal’ Cannabis club: Founder charges £35-a-year for people to smoke drugs and play pool in a scheme BACKED by police

25/01/18 – Metro: Cannabis clubs could soon open across the UK

26/01/18 – Inside Britain’s first ‘legal’ cannabis club – where police let you smoke weed

26/01/18 – RT: Cannabis ‘social’ club becomes first in UK to be backed by police

26/01/18 – Daily Mirror: Inside Britain’s first ‘legal’ cannabis club which makes £3,000-a-night and has already been visited by Jeremy Kyle

23/02/18 – iNews: Cannabis law reforms would let chronically ill people like me live in less pain and more dignity

01/03/18 – The Northern Echo: Jeremy Kyle vs Teesside Cannabis Club

20/04/18 Birmingham Live: Cancer sufferers among those campaigning inside Sutton Park for controversial 4/20 meeting

20/04/18 – Daily Record: Glasgow Green hosts pro-cannabis rally as part of 420 Day 2018

20/04/18 – Scottish Sun: Glasgow Green filled with hundreds of pro-cannabis fans celebrating 4:20 Day

27/06/18 – New Statesman: This is why people are breaking the law to grow medical cannabis in the UK

08/08/18 – The Times: Cannabis club members warned of arrest risk

11/08/18 – The Times: I’m Mandela not Al Capone — my cannabis speakeasy helps the sick

13/08/08 – The Curator: The unstoppable rise of cannabis social clubs in the UK

19/08/18 – Inside the not-so-secret Teesside Cannabis Club, where members gather to smoke

20/08/18 – Daily Mirror: Inside UK’s not-so-secret Cannabis Club where members gather to smoke in ‘safe and controlled’ environment

31/08/18 – The Packet: Cornwall Cannabis Social Club’s Falmouth event hosted an Afghanistan veteran who spoke about how he uses cannabis to treat his PTSD

09/09/18 – The Guardian: Police chief calls for more cannabis clubs where drug can be used and traded safely

12/09/18 – BBC: Police leader urges for new approach on cannabis

19/10/18 – Wales Online: A Swansea cannabis club is putting on a Halloween event called Halloweed

23/06/2019 – The Guardian: ‘They’re gentrifying it’: big money muscles in on the cannabis market 

04/07/2019 – Lincolnshire Live: ‘Smoking cannabis helps me get up, face the day and look after my kids’