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Cannabis Social Clubs are people-powered! They are made up of people coming together over a common enjoyment of cannabis.
The UKCSC has created a model for clubs to operate. Our registry of clubs is a network for activists, campaigners, and enthusiasts to help further the discussion of cannabis law reform for adults. Our clubs support campaign efforts by holding local fundraising events and raising awareness by being seen and heard politically and socially.
UK Cannabis Social Clubs offer a real alternative to the current failing model of prohibition. Consumers deserve greater protection from potentially harmful products in the illicit market than currently provided by the government.

How it works

To join you must be:

  • 18 or over
  • Provide a valid ID
  • Be a friend of an existing member or be vetted
  • Pay a monthly or annual membership fee

What do clubs do?

  • Clubs hold social meetings and events to bring communities together
  • Days with art, music, education, talks, competitions – the list goes on!
  • Days of action – hit the streets to inform the public of cannabis prohibition harms
  • Engage with local authorities
  • Provide compassionate care

Please note: Clubs which have a private membership will have a vetting procedure. Some clubs will not be taking new members in order to remain sustainable.

Can you contribute?

If you think you have something to contribute or can make a difference to a club in your local area or to the national movement, make contact with your local club or build something from the ground. Maybe you have a group of people with the same frame of mind – now is the time to bring your skills and energy together.

Some groups are purely activists, some groups are simply there to look after their needs and remove themselves from artificial and unnecessary criminal and economic supply chains.

If you can not find a club to join, you can still support our campaign by donating or becoming a supporter member.


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