Relighting cannabis activism in the UK

The UKCSC has a 12-month campaign plan to revitalise UK cannabis activism to its former glory and more. Cannabis activism died down after medical cannabis was legalised, but even medical cannabis isn’t complete! The consumer voice is missing from the conversation, and we need to bring it back. We are going to hold an event in a different part of the UK each month to engage with and encourage and share ways to take part in sustainable cannabis activism, make achievable incremental change and build a local community.

Decriminalise personal possession

You deserve a life without having to look over your shoulder. The removal of all criminal sanctions for the personal possession of cannabis is a must for UK consumers. Many countries in Europe and states in America have decriminalised personal possession, even if they have not legalised sales. There are benefits to both the consumer and the state by taking this policy step.

Right to grow

The campaign to legalise self-regulated cannabis cultivation at home, in a shared space or with a medium-scale licence to produce craft produce. Everyone deserves the basic right to be able to grow their own plants at home, even if they don’t want to use cannabis and just want to grow it because it looks pretty. Prohibition isn’t over until you can grow your own at home!

Police crime commissioners & cannabis

Strengthening the relationship and understanding between consumers and the police. The UKCSC aims to continue the work we started in 2013 when Police Crime Commissioners were first elected. Through our lobbying, UKCSC gained the support to operate cannabis social clubs in some areas of the UK with police discretion. Learn more about the history of our work with the police and how we will continue.

Adult use & cannabis social clubs

Adults deserve the right to socialise in a legal space with legal cannabis products. Adult social use makes up 98% of the full potential market. The UKCSC is leading the conversation and taking proactive steps to make social change for cannabis consumers and those looking to provide adult cannabis services. We have written a model and guide to help clubs operate, and we lobby the authorities nationally and locally to gain trust to run pilot schemes. The more we talk about this kind of activity in the mainstream, the more we normalise it.

Release all non-violent cannabis offenders

Raising awareness about the number of people still in prison and being sent to prison for cannabis offences and how this impacts the lives of them and their families, as well as the rest of British society.

Consumer safety standards

Consumers need to know what is in their products. Not just the THC and CBD potency but also the terpene profiles so they know what the effect is likely to be. There is also the need to know the cannabis product is safe and free from any contamination or adulterants. The illicit market provides no protection for consumers in this way, leaving the potential of exposure to heavy metals, pesticides, glass beads and other unknown nasties. By having consumers who are more aware and educated about what’s in illicit cannabis, more might stand up and try to put pressure on the government and those in power to make change.