Thursday, February 21, 2019




Product Earth 2019 at National Agricultural & Exhibition Centre, Warwickshire

Festival goers rejoice! Camping is Back! The UK’s homegrown hemp and alternative lifestyle festival is rising up once again finding a new home at the National Agricultural & Exhibition Centre, Warwickshire. This year the Product Earth Expo organisers have teamed up with the British Hemp Association with a growing focus on the evolving hemp industry […]

UKCSC chairman Greg de Hoedt tells Welsh National Assembly to legalise cannabis clubs for jobs and public health and safety

UKCSC chairman Greg de Hoedt told the Welsh National Assembly that Wales should legalise cannabis clubs to create jobs and lift public health and safety in his speech to the Cannabis Wales Industry summit on 8 January. Greg started by explaining how the UK health service had failed him when he was diagnosed with Crohn’s, […]

Club News

UK Cannabis Social Clubs off to a blazing start in 2019

Phil James from Wrexham’ Bud Tank updates us on his latest experiences as a UKCSC member.

Why 2019 Is Going To Be A Big Year For UK Cannabis

The movement that cannabis saw in 2018 has given activists and consumers a renewed drive with the belief that change really might be possible. Seeing the UK Home Office change its stance from “cannabis has no medical benefit in herbal form” and “is dangerous to children and the developing mind”, to then prescribing cannabis as […]