Buy a pin badge to support cannabis social clubs

ukcsc logo enamel pin badge

Wearing a Pin badge is a great way to show your support for any cause, for us that’s ending adult cannabis prohibition in the UK.

We’ve designed two hard enamel pin badges for you to buy and publicly show your support for the UK Cannabis Social Club movement and use it as a conversation starter and talking point – or you can just add it to your collection at home!

The two designs are the UKCSC classic logo in silver and gold. Each pin badge has a unique serial number and the year it was made laser engraved on the back. The pins have a rubber grip on the back, so they are suitable to wear on hats and other clothing.

Silver pins are available for £15 and gold pins are available as part of the supporter membership which is £30 annually.

We know they will look great in your cannabis pin badge collection!

Why buy a pin badge?

The UKCSC is self-funded and relies on the support of our members and followers. Buying a membership and merchandise, coming to events, and making donations all contribute to helping us raise the funds for important campaign initiatives and helps us get our message out into the world more easily.

We will be releasing more badges, so if you’re a pin collector, make sure you check back frequently for new designs to be one of the first and so you don’t miss out on any limited editions.

The first 100 silver and 100 gold classic logo designs are now available through our webshop.

Buy one from our shop and share it on your social media, but don’t forget to tag us in it so we can give you a reshare!

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