Industry Support

UKCSC campaign for adult cannabis policy reform

The UK Cannabis Social Clubs is a self-funded grassroots community non-profit formed 2011. In 2016 we started receiving industry support by taking donations from businesses serving consumers that we are working to make a difference for. UKCSC campaigns tackle the problems of prohibition by proposing pragmatic social solutions that we lobby politicians to adopt. 

We need support in the form of monetary donations to continue our efforts in persuading more MPs and Police Crime Commissioners to adopt a policy of tolerance for cannabis social clubs and personal home cultivators. 

Our campaigns are a credible voice for a sensible and regulated adult cannabis market, gaining public attention through the mainstream press. Funding helps us generate positive news stories, hold awareness events with stakeholders who can make differences, and give us more control over the public conversation around cannabis legalisation locally and nationally.

Be a business that makes change and gives back, give a donation today to do your part to further cannabis policy reform.

Advertising packages for websites and social media

Here are a list of the companies that have made financial donations to support our campaigning efforts: