The Search for CBD Cannabis in Amsterdam…

Amsterdam has, for the last 40 plus years held the title as the Mecca for cannabis consumers with its liberal stance and wide access to a large number of tolerated coffeeshops. The Netherlands has also found itself as the first country to prescribe cannabis flowers for a range of medical conditions. There are several varieties […]

A Budget To Benefit All – Could Cannabis Taxation Stop Cuts?

Yesterday the ConDem government announced their latest budget. And as you can imagine it didn’t gain the attention of cannabis’ economic impact in Colorado. Here Trev Coleman delves into how cannabis taxation could help stop cuts to vital services.  In the budget, they have announced a £1.3 billion package of subsidies and tax breaks to […]

Glasgow CSC 420 Celebrations

Glasgow Cannabis Social Club are working with the cannabis community of Scotland to hold our annual celebration of Cannabis. This is not a protest. We gather to share experiences, provide factual information, enlighten members of the public to our cause and to have some fun. Merchandise and hemp related products will be available to purchase […]

Berkshire CC’s Clark French – SKY news Interview

Clark French gives his opinion on reported documented side effects of cannabis and how using cannabis allows him to ease the symptoms of his Multiple Sclerosis. When asked by the reporter to give his feelings on the alleged link between cannabis and schizophrenia, Clark makes reference to the Keele University study which used […]

The Sensible Cannabis Consumer – Cannabis Concentrates (Dabs,Errl,Shatter,Oil)

For many years the human race has been using plants for medicine. In fact evidence indicates that certain plants were specifically chosen and used for medicine around 60,000 years ago during the paleolithic era. Whether cannabis is your medicine or simply a way to relax and unwind it is difficult not to relate to the […]