Cannabis use worse than theft?

Afternoon musings on the ‘Durham Police not arresting people for small-scale cannabis production or use’ palava: Back in May, Plymouth Police told owners of petrol stations that they would not be able to investigate if someone were to drive off without paying for their fuel, because of cuts to the police budget which meant they […]

“A rational approach to an irrational law” – Pf David Nutt supports UKCSC on BBC World News

Professor David Nutt, Professor of Neuropsychopharmacology at the Impereal College London calls UK Cannabis Social Clubs “a rational approach to an irrational law” and asserts “cannabis should never have been made illegal in the first place” during an interview on BBC World Wide on November 20th 2013.  London Cannabis Club who have recieved several pieces […]

Portuguese Political Party Proposes Cannabis Social Club Model

After over a decade of decriminalisation in Portugal, the political party Bloco de Esquerda has proposed the implementation of the Cannabis Social Club model which has been gaining momentum throughout Europe as a viable alternative to the black market supply chain that funds criminal organisations and leaves quality in the hands of often unscrupulous criminals. […]