A list of all active cannabis petitions (UK)

There are currently 10 active petitions on the Home Office website making an attempt at getting the Government to discuss cannabis.

With 10,000 signatures the petition gets an official response. At 100,000 it gets to be debated in parliament. The usual reply that is given at the 10,000 mark is along the lines of “we have no intention to change the laws surrounding cannabis” partnered up with “cannabis is dangerous”, without backing it up with any concrete evidence.

A few years ago in 2016 nearly a quarter of a million people signed a petition that was briefly debated, crushing many hearts and minds that believed the Government’s own petition system had some validity. Many feel it is indeed just for show, in effect a display of false democracy that was rolled out during the Obama years when he was pushing his “We Are The Change” campaign.

Well… that’s what we still want – change! But it looks like there are many people that want different kinds of change all trying to get enough attention from the public to get the right attention from the MPs. But they’re all falling short.

Phil Walsh, cultivation expert, seed breeder and product harm reduction specialist has highlighted the situation on social media.

“Why does an anti-cannabis petition get so many signitures that it is comparable with pro-cannabis petitions? Perhaps it’s because the anti mob only have one petition to sign unlike the pro people who have 10.”

This is a common theme within left politics, with parts of the struggle pulling in separate directions, while the right seem to all pull together and then fight over the nitty gritty after they have won.

The “anti cannabis” petition by Ross Grainger has only been online a few weeks and has already amassed 12,000 signatures, compelling the government to respond, and it did so with the assurance that it had no intention of legalising adult cannabis use. This petition has been given lots of exposure by the Daily Mail and Peter Hutchinson. Grainger also runs the anti cannabis “Attacker Smoked Cannabis” website, which uses tabloid headlines as “evidence” that cannabis makes people violent. This is the most recent rehash of Reefer Madness that was slung out by Gerry Anslinger circa 1936.

In any case the anti cannabis brigade seem to be united against us and something needs to be done.

Here is a list of all the petitions concerning cannabis on the Home Office official petitions site. Maybe you would like to sign them to make sure that the pro cannabis voice is seen to be louder than the tabloid fuelled anti cannabis one that stands alone.

Let’s drown them out!

Allow the British people to vote on cannabis legalisation
17,916 signatures

Launch an inquiry into the possible link between cannabis and violence
12,157 signatures

Change legislation so G.P.s can prescribe medical marijuana for fibromyalgia
14,543 signatures

Allow people to grow the Cannabis plant without a license!
8,219 signatures (closed)

Legalise cannabis for medical and recreational use
25,402 signatures (closed)

Allow cannabis oil to be prescribed for terminally ill cancer patients
67 signatures

Introduce hypothecated tax to support NHS by regulated distribution of cannabis
40 signatures

Allow Industrial Hemp to be grown without a Home Office License (4 plants)
30 signatures

Open an independent review into the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971
32 signatures

Make GBL a higher class than cannabis, currently only a class C
13 signatures

Has anyone managed to sign all of them (apart from the anti one)? Perhaps we all should?

View all petitions – Petitions

By Phil Walsh, cannabis cultivation expert, seed breeder at Growers of Conviction and harm reduction campaigner.

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