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Bud & Tender supports the United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs’ mission for the free right of the people to access all cannabinoids, starting with the two most prominent and well-known cannabinoids of THC and CBD.

The current problem in the UK is that Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), Cannabinol (CBN) and cannabinol derivates (like THCV) are controlled drugs under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. They are illegal and are not allowed in any CBD supplements unless medical market authorisation is granted.

There is no 0.2% THC rule for supplements in the UK; this is an EU law and sadly the UK law supersedes this. The rumours of the 1mg THC rule is for products that are not for human consumption.

Any CBD supplement for human consumption must not contain any controlled drugs.

We want this to change and it will, it just needs a strategic approach.

Thankfully the cannabinoid Cannabidiol (CBD) is not a controlled drug and is legal for all to access.

Many may think that it will be OK to have a small amount of THC with the higher doses of CBD because it mostly goes unnoticed at those ratios. People who are working in driving jobs or who are routinely drug tested absolutely cannot have any level of THC or CBN detected or their livelihood could be put at risk.

But these individuals should not be told they cannot benefit from cannabinoids just because “that’s not the way nature intended”. Sadly, not everyone can ignore the law and we need to make sure everyone can have a level of access they need, so we build where we can.

We believe that creating and demonstrating a safe and self-regulated CBD industry is the logical stepping stone to legalising the rest of the cannabinoids. If we can show the CBD industry to be safe and compliant, there is no reason not to allow THC, CBN and THCV to become available.

The CBD market is expanding, but there are problems already starting to arise within the industry. If the CBD industry doesn’t self-regulate and adhere to current law, it could become over-regulated, over-restricted and limited; all to the detriment of the people.

If over regulation and restriction in the CBD industry happens, forget easy access to THC, CBN and THCV any time soon. 

CBD companies need to be conducting full independent third-party lab testing. There must be self-regulation to ensure that clean and safe products are available; this also means adhering to the law.

The trust of the people beyond the cannabis space and the wellness circles must be gained in order to change the overall consensus on the ‘illegal’ to possess cannabinoids.

We must start with a safe CBD industry and educate the wider population on CBD and all the other cannabinoids: what they do, how they work and how they should be used responsibly.

Each cannabinoid has its own miraculous properties. THC should not be demonised! However, we must gain the public’s wider acceptance of CBD to pave the way for the acceptance of THC now that there is so much attention on CBD with so much marketing behind products that contain far less than the labelled dose.

Bud & Tender have taken it upon themselves to ensure full compliance and self-regulation. Third party lab test reports are available on their website for: cannabinoids, terpenes, pesticides, heavy Metals and microbiologicals.

Bud & Tender CBD supplements do not contain detectable amounts of THC, CBN or THCV, making them 100% UK legal. Sadly, the process of removing these illegal cannabinoids sometimes is to the detriment of some minor cannabinoids. Bud & Tender do not use isolate, artificial flavours or additives. Their 100% natural cannabis extract is suspended in organic MCT oil, called Filter Pure CBD Cannabis Oil.

What makes Bud & Tender Filter Pure CBD Cannabis Oil unique is that the extraction process preserves the terpene profile of the plant and removes all the waste material like chlorophyll. This not only means that the natural terpenes boost the effectiveness of the CBD but it also offers a gorgeous fresh fruity floral taste, unlike anything else on the market.  

Supporting Bud & Tender helps support the United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs to bring the wider message of cannabis to the general public.

The UKCSC have pushed for access to the cannabis plant; the strategy alongside Bud & Tender is to help educate the wider audience and make sure safe, clean and legal cannabis supplements are available for all. This starts with CBD and will lead on to the wider acceptance of THC socially, politically and then legally. Medical use is beginning to be accepted; however restricting access to the more severe cases is not solving the wider problem.

Everybody has an endocannabinoid system and everybody should have the right to access the cannabinoids they need to help return their body back into balance; whether that’s CBD or THC.

Support CBD and THC will follow.

There is no divide between hemp and cannabis, CBD and THC: they are all cannabis and they are all cannabinoids.

If you or anyone you know is still sceptical of cannabis, tell them to start with Bud & Tender CBD Cannabis Oil. It’s the perfect introduction into cannabis in a legal and safe way. In turn, it may help them to come around to the idea that there is a place in the body for all cannabinoids, especially THC.

All UKCSC members receive a special 15% discount on Bud & Tender CBD Cannabis Oil.

Bud and Tender encourage you to sign up to become a member of the UKCSC to support the socially beneficial model that the UK could take advantage of right now.

BUY NOW use code UKCSC10 for a 10% discount even if you aren’t a member!

We are on the verge of change, now is the time to be smart and help educate the general public on how and why cannabinoids are important.

Support CBD and THC will follow!

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