Cardiff Cannabis Cafe in the news for its ‘summer skunk’


UKCSC Cardiff Cannabis Cafe has featured in the Metro about how it has taken advantage of the extended heatwave to grow ‘summer skunk’.

Club chairman Magic Trichs told the paper: ‘Everyone in our club has had great results this summer and that is purely down to this unbroken, perfect and dense sunshine we have had. You cannot replicate the sunshine we have had indoors, it is impossible, so the flavour and the high from these plants grown outdoors is so much better.

‘And now with these new autoflower strains which are being developed in America it has never been easier to grow your own outdoors.’

The paper notes that Cardiff Cannabis Cafe was formed to encourage people to become self-sufficient by growing their own crops.

Magic added: ‘We undermine the black market, we do not want people having to go to drug dealers to get cannabis so we show them how to do it themselves.

“Our members grow plants on their patios, in their greenhouses, in their gardens and in all kind of places if they are going ‘guerrilla’.”

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