Government rejects referendum on the legalisation of cannabis

The government has rejected a petition calling for a referendum on the legalisation of cannabis in Britain.

The petition has been signed by 26,000 people and would usually be debated in parliament once it reached 100,000 names.

A response to the petition says “this Government has no plans to legalise cannabis and there are no plans to hold a referendum on the matter” because “here is a substantial body of scientific and medical evidence to show that controlled drugs, such as cannabis, are harmful…”

The government is using the law that the petition disagrees with to justify rejecting the petition. So much for democracy…

However, given recent developments – including a poll in which the public backed selling cannabis like alcohol – that have seen the government shift slightly under public pressure, there is every reason to keep pushing the petition and getting the number of backers over the 100,000 line by the deadline of September. The more pressure on the government the better.

So keep sharing it and make sure friends and family are adding their names to show the government that we mean it when we demand legalisation!

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  1. We can get cannabis legalized. It's what the people want and only corruption is keeping it in the hands of Gw pharmaceuticals. We have the right to cannabis, it was put on this planet for all of us not just greedy corporations. It's quite messed up how long people have been left to suffer just for money, because let's face it. Cannabis has never killed anyone. I would also like to see this clear and scientific evidence rubbish lies which the government are using to keep the sick in need.
  2. I have read that flimsy body of evidence. Not one bit of solid scientific proof that cannabis is harmful from harm to your body or your mind. It was made over ten years ago when people who did smoke ganj would never openly talk about it so the people asked were limited and probably skewed the truth a little as well. If they can approve an opiod for use in 2-3months they can definately do it for cannabis there is absolutely no excuse for this injustice.
  3. Prohibition has never worked and crimilinalisation of a substance that Great Britain actively grows for export and is the number one exporter, is in itself wrong on so many moral levels and surely defies the law and logic of the international laws that criminalise it. Much of the world is waking up to the facts that cannabis has many advantages, medically and recreationally, that cannot be denied. It’s time that those dinosaurs, with their heads in the sand, be ousted from a modern, forward thinking Great Britain and that health be put before petrochemical dirty profits.

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