2016: Hyde Park, London 4/20 Rally Announcement

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This Wednesday, as we are all sure you are aware, is 420! Or April 20th if you really need it spelling out! 

We hope to see you all in Hyde Park, Speakers Corner, 12:00-5:30 to help protest the injustice that is prohibition. There are also organised events in Glasgow, Bristol, Swansea, and many Cannabis Social Clubs are holding their own local events. If you can’t join us, please join them.

But wherever you celebrate this year, all the National Cannabis Organisations want you to be safe.

As with all events that involve participation in a public setting, it is important to recognise and respect some simple guidelines for everyone’s fun and safety.

We regularly liaise with the police regarding outdoor events, this is so we can effectively arrange things like medical cover, litter pickers, help avoid arrest for participants. it also helps to ensure to the police, that everyone’s, including the public’s safety, is ensured. Many officers support our actions, and privately wish us all success, despite the position their occupation puts them in.

Therefore we are pleased to announce that the 5000+ person safe-conduct zone in Hyde Park, established at 420 in previous years, will be in effect again this year.

Hyde Park 420 Day 2015

Previously however, a small minority of people (11 in 2015, out of 6000+) have still found themselves subject to stop and search or cannabis confiscation, either before getting to the event, or at the entrance to the park. On one occasion 1 person was arrested in the Tube station for lighting up…

To try to avoid situations like this we have decided to put together a simple guide to the day to help everyone plan their route and activities.

Firstly cannabis is classed as illegal by the police. This event is part of the process required to change that, but currently it is a prohibited substance by law.

The police have informed us that as with previous years they will have officers present and active outside the park from 12:30.

They have informed us that the 2 nearest entrances, by Marble Arch and Hyde Park speakers corner, will have officers present, with their tents, as per the last few years. Please note, the other 9 or so entrances will be functioning as normal, without police presence (no tents).

They have mentioned that “6ft joints, or large glassware (bongs)”, will be able to be used as justification to be searched.

As well as this, it should be noted that consumption of cannabis outside of the park will not be tolerated by the police, especially on trains. Consumption in front of officers will also not be tolerated, be sensible.

Please also note, that you should always try to listen to the directions of any organisers, or members of national organisations, they may have important information to relay to you.

If any problems occur, please speak to either a member of the National Orgs or an Event Marshal on the day.

The London 420 Team.

3 Tips for your London trip from the UKCSC.

1 – Smell proof/air tight containers, you don’t want people sniffing your sandwiches on the train.

2 – Only bring what you need, it would be a shame to lose anything.

3 – Come with a positive attitude and peaceful intent.

9 thoughts on “2016: Hyde Park, London 4/20 Rally Announcement

  1. It does appear only true connoisseurs of the herb understand 420… I have a small group called 4twenties for that reason…

  2. Strange decision, to use a US-specific date format in the title of an event in the UK, where no one will understand it.

    I eventually worked out that “4/20” was a date (though “420” would have never have meant anything to me) and presumably that’s the date of the event, but I’m curious to know what the reference is. Is a reference being made to the “9/11” attack on the World Trade Centre in some way? Or was there a famous pro-cannabis rally in the US on the 4th of April which used this “4/20” or “420” label? The article gives us no clue.

    [edit: sorry – 20th April! This was a genuine error, which took me a while to spot, and I leave it in just to illustrate how hard it is for a non-US person to process “4/20” as 20th of April!]

  3. That would be the 20th of April then? I have to tell you that 4/20 conveys nothing to a British person qua dates. I only wish I could be there. Best of luck to everyone, I will have a little blaze at home in your honour.

  4. EPIPHANY : It should be 100% legal for every adult & child to ingest fresh raw NON psycho-active marijuana with large amounts of all cannabinoids (including THCa) . So that out bodies natural endocannabinoid system can fight / prevent illnesses & disease (including cancers) . Denying people this right is a Heinous Crime . Excessive recreational alcohol enables Random Violence , Suicide , Vehicular Homicide , Domestic Violence , Child Abuse , Date Rape & The Use of Harder Drugs . Recreational psycho-active marijuana is 100% SAFER than alcohol . Marijuana is a Safer Substitute for Synthetic Narcotics , Heroin , Meth , Crack , Tobacco & Alcohol . Before its Criminally Fraudulent Prohibition marijuana was the No# 1 accepted most effective cure for many many illnesses Worldwide . Medical Marijuana is trying to get a Prescription from Marijuana Ignorant , Marijuana Prejudice & Marijuana Opinionated Doctors .

  5. Love that my pic is on top of the of the article!!! I’ll be there tacking pictures also this year guys, so be there and have fan!!! Se you all there guys

  6. With 420 coming up, may I remind you of this quote.

    “One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.” ? Martin Luther King

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