The latest herbal vapes to hit the UK market

The UK really is a vaping nation and the cannabis community over here have found that trying out new vaporizers is actually more addictive than cannabis.

With National Health England reporting that vaping is 95% safer than smoking it makes sense why so many people want to ditch the lighter and throw away those skins in favour of heating up their herbs for a more refreshing and dialed in experience, one that puts flavour and the airflow at the top of the list.

Portability is where it’s at. Having a good battery to go with that can sometimes be an issue. Some vapes allow you to charge as you use them, some are made so you can switch out the batteries for some spare ones that have been charged up already and some…still need mains power (although car kits are becoming more common).

So picking the perfect vape for you can sometimes be a little harder than you thought when you came up with the great idea of buying one for yourself (or a loved one).

Here we have three of the latest vapes to come out and cause a bit of a commission in the vape world, and for good reason.


Arizer Solo 2 – £199.99

This is the loooong awaited update to the original Solo which the worlds no.1 selling portable vape – that today still enjoys many outings with myself and is a vape that many still put up as one of the best portables made so far. With this updated unit consumers can expect to get a more precise temperature thanks to the digital screen.

The design is slimmer than the previous and as a result has a much more comfortable fit in the palm of the hand, with the silk matt finish to the body feeling really nice and genuine. It is a sturdy device with a fair weight to it, not overly heavy but you are going to notice it in your pocket.

The full OLED screen displays the temperature within 1 degree that you are vaping at as well as the battery life so there are no nasty surprises when it runs out – but hopefully that won’t be too often as Arizer are boasting a 20 cycle battery life for the new Arizer Solo 2 portable vape.

It is available in a Mystic Blue and Carbon Black, both very sleek looking colours with great finesse.

Anthony Aggs from Brighton Cannabis Club said “I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on the Solo 2 as it was the Solo 1 that turned me into a full time vaporist and give up combustion and it really hasn’t disappointed.”

One of the great things about the Arizer’s is that you can get glass attachments for the mouthpiece enabling you to use a water pipe mouthpiece or even stick it on the bong for creating some huge clouds and giving your lungs a really good workout for expansion. The flavour has always been well delivered on the Arizer units thanks to the stainless steel oven and carefully engineered airflow. The Solo 2 comes with spare mouthpieces with some silicon caps so you can pre load without having to get all your herbs out – now that’s what I call convenience!

It does feel and look pretty sci-fi, something I am sure is pretty intentional, and I love it.


Arizer Air 2 – £176.99

This one was a surprising addition to the collection. Alongside the release of the Solo 2, Arizer, who have clearly kept themselves busy have released another updated unit to the Air 1.

Now the Air differs only slightly to the Solo units. They still take the same glass mouthpieces although this time the body is super slim. The interface has just a couple of buttons, up and down, with 5 temperature rating lights to show you what level you are at.

Along with the extra slimness comes a removable battery, so if you are someone who is out and about for the day – mountain biking on the trails all day for example – having the option to have some pre-charged 18650 batteries to hand so you are always ready to vape might be the way you want to roll.

There isn’t a huge difference in units from the Air 1 to the Air 2, mainly performance and battery life going up to ensure that the user experience is longer between each charge or battery swap.

Perfect for on the go, lightweight, durable, adaptable and effective.


PAX 3 – £220

This slim, ergonomic and stylish little vape is the third in the series of PAX vapes from the San Fran, California tech company. They have really brought home the purpose of the PAX with this new addition. It has been on the market for nearly a year now, but it has earned a place at the table of many cannabis social club across the whole of the UK scene. 

It’s classic stealth look keeps it discreet even if your bag gets looked into or you left it out on the side – it could easily be mistaken for a battery power bank!

With an improved mouthpiece that has a better airflow the user experience improves instantly from the PAX 1 and 2. A smoother, tastier draw that gives full clouds without much restriction.

This time around the team at PAX have developed an oil chamber to go in the devices oven located at the bottom. I have to admit, I was quite taken back when I first used the oil compartment. It took flavour to a new level for a portable vape and although it is a little fiddlier than loading a standard vape pen, the experience is second to none – I put the flavour above an e-nail any day of the week (and you can’t crack an Enail or a dabbie out at a premier league football game when you’re at the stadium).

The battery life is pretty solid on the PAX 3 too – something that is really important for someone relying on a vape for medical reasons. We took it out for the a test spin for a week and were pleased that it didn’t run out of life by the end of the day because charging the PAX on the go is probably it’s only real downside so it is good this has been improved upon from the previous release. It charges on a sleek little desk cradle via a very weak magnet, making it hard to travel on the go unless you have some elastic bands. Still, the battery life being as good as it is (about 12 sessions) means that this should not be an issue – unless there is more of you relying on this vape on your outing. 

This is a nice quality product so if you are thinking of getting it you might want to pick up a WZD Sleeve to help protect your vape when it is in your bag or pocket from your keys and other items,and perfect if you are good at dropping things.

Full of flavour and really PAX a punch!


Storm Spirit – £109.99

The Spirit is a brand new entry level portable vape that looks great and functions brilliantly. WIth a digital temperature controller on the front allowing you to really dial in the flavour and cloud experience you are after it’s hard to believe that this little gadget has a removable 18650 battery.

This gives it an advantage over some of the bigger digitally controlled vapes that have been entering the scene in the last 12 months.

It has a nice strong magnetic top that the mouthpiece folds out from, all of which have a very classy feel to them. The ceramic bowl is easy to clean after a session and very quick to load for a fresh bowl if you want to go back to back.

You get about six cycles out of a battery charge so if you are on the heavier side of the vape scale you might want to have a spare or two on you on long days out if this is to be your only device. But the fact that you can put in a preloaded battery and charge your other is a plus for any vape. There is the ability to charge while you vape too…a feature that not enough vapes currently provide. Perfect for evening sessions and back to back bowls.

As it happens, the WZD Sleeve for the PAX also fits the Spirit.


So there you have it. These three vapes are probably the leading portables on the market right now and you can get all three via our good friends at Vapefiend – The Vaporizer specialists.


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