Stop And Search Podcast with Arfon Jones – London – 23rd October

The UKCSC are hosting an evening with LEAP UK and Arfon Jones, Police Crime Commissioner of North Wales.

Jason Reed, host of Stop And Search has spent the last two years speaking with some of the biggest names in drug policy reform, regularly inviting on MP’s, comedians and even former national Presidents on the show to discuss the latest policy changes and events in drug reform news. Stop And Search is on the Distractions Pieces Podcast Network created by¬†Scroobius Pip.

The show recently won awards at The British Podcasting Awards beating Ed Milliband and BBC’s Blue Planet, quite an achievement that deserves a good round of applause.

This October 23rd Jason has invited a recent proponant of the UK Cannabis Social Clubs model onto the show and we agreed to host the event in one of our London clubs to help bring about an air of authenticity. Greg de Hoedt will also be joining Jason and Arfon on the show alongside Dr Melissa Bone who lectures Law and Human Rights at the University of Leicester. Melissa’s published work has documented the efforts of the UKCSC in trying to bring about reform from a human rights standpoint and is currently conducting a EU wide survey on Cannabis Social Clubs to gain a perspective on what level of interaction they have with consumers and at what stage in their journey they are.

The brave and outspoken PCC, Arfon Jones has appeared at both the Wrexham Social Cannabis Club “Bud Tank” and made the trip to Teesside Cannabis Club “Exhale” in 2018 so far which will make this his third club – that must be some kind of a record for someone who holds public office! A politician for the people, clearly!

We have made tickets available to members at £10 so in order to get one you must sign up to become a Supporter Member. This helps us continue our important campaign work and bring the Cannabis Social Club model to more parts of the UK.

To get a ticket to the event email with “Podcast Ticket” and you will be replied to with a way to purchase and instructions about the day.

If you are at all interested in drug policy reform, this one is for you!

See you there!




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