More support cannabis legalisation than oppose in Scotland


Nearly half of the Scottish population supports the legalisation of cannabis use, according to The Times.

About 47% favoured ending prohibition, a figure broadly similar as in the UK as a whole. That’s higher than the 37% opposed, whiel 17% were unsure.

Scottish Nationalist Party voters were the most likely to back legalisation, at 59%.

By figure with Conservative voters was 34%. Labour and Liberal Democrat voters split almost evenly, with 45 and 44% in favour respectively.

In 2016 Nicola Sturgeon told SNP activists that she was in favour of cannabis being legalised for medical use but not general decriminalisation.

The UK cannabis campaign for the right to grow needs your support.

3 thoughts on “More support cannabis legalisation than oppose in Scotland

  1. how the people in suits can say this plant ruins lives is beyond me, compare that to the many peoples lives it has saved, I admit cannabis isn’t for everybody, just like we all know someone that just shouldn’t drink(becomes an asshole) should we ban alcohol because of the few??

  2. no mention of Scottish Green Party? surely higher support than the mere 59% of the Scottish National Party.

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