VIDEO: NORML UK 2013 AGM – Annie Machon Ex MI-5 Intelligence Officer & LEAP UK

Annie Machon is a former MI-5 Intelligence Officer and whistle blower. She is also a prominent member of LEAP UK – the United Kingdoms division of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition and takes part in international debates and on drug law reform.

A supporter of NORML UK, the UKCSC and Cannabis Social Clubs in Europe, she talks about the unique perspective that Law Enforcement Against Prohibition have speaking out against the war on drugs.

“There are 30 million people using cannabis in Europe, if they were able to set up their own cannabis social clubs; not only would they be able to grow their own, they’d also have organic weed without nasty additives or chemicals and glass in it, but they would be adding another 2 million jobs to the European community.”

Speaking at the NORML UK first AGM she recalls and shares some of her experiences within intelligence and talks about what we need to do to change the current policy.

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Greg de Hoedt is the President of the United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs. He has had experience working in several states with medical marijuana exemptions in the law including the two legal states Colorado and Washington. He travels to other cannabis locations throughout Europe. Greg has Crohn's Disease for which he uses cannabis as a medicine after many years and failed attempts of pharmaceutical prescriptions.

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