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With so much taking place in the UK Cannabis Movement now both at the grassroots level and within local and national politics, we thought it would be great for you to have your say and reach out to the thousands of readers we have here at

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  1. Andy

    At the age of 11 I went to high school, whoa it was massive, compared to the little country primary school i had spent my early years at. I was brown in skin colour, kinda light coffee, in a school of predominantly white kids. My next 7 years were pretty violent I got bullied from day one , i wasn’t very big 4″9″ when i first arrived, but by 13/14 years old something occurred ,,,, I grew! Adolescence had hit balls had dropped testosterone was flowing and i got angry! and before long I was a dude with a rep spread across every school in the county, this followed me after I left school , the 70s, football violence, the nightclub violence, inter town violence, all fuelled with alcohol, I was a lad!!
    I came from a decent family, mum , dad , both teachers, holidays abroad when we were kids, and i was repaying them with weekly visits from the law, fines from court, people talking behind hands about there despicable violent son, I was pretty bad ass. Look at me wrong pal your games over, that was me! Until one night, 19 years old, my mate invited me to a his older bros party , big posh gaff, mam and dad away , it was pretty cool ! That nite was the first nite of my life,” i smoked Ganja”, it was life changing! All these dudes were in the garden passing this thing around I found out later it was called a Chillum, they were smoking something that a guy who i only knew as Lebanese Dave had fetched back from his latest travels in Morocco. Nepalese Temple Ball!! one blast on the Chillum!!! Nirvana found!! I had the best nite of my life with these people they were older, maybe a bit hippy throw back ,,, but introducing me to this amazing thing called weed ,, changed my life. The violence stopped because alcohol was no longer my entertainment, in fact my whole life changed , I could take control and didn’t feel the need to be this big hard dude anymore, which really i think was the wall i was hiding behind from my school days , my parents celebrate the day i found cannabis too, there lives became easier and we built a new relationship. Since those days and I am 54 years old now ,, the only time i haven’t smoked weed each day is when I holiday in countries where your fucked if ya caught, other than that, doubt I’ve missed a day . Hey and guess what Ive been an upstanding citizen worked all my life ran my own business paid my taxes, and never broken the law BAAAAAAH the ridiculous one thats stops me growing a plant that has helped me, and so many others enjoy a decent life without bothering anybody else. . Where as, if I had stayed with the socially accepted and legal drug, Alcohol, I would probably be dead or doing life for alcohol enraged fury!!! VIVA LA WEED!! :))/) Hasta La Victoria Siempre! The Real Truth is Out There 🙂

  2. Jordan watson

    Hi would really like to get in touch with more open minded people like myself in the south and maybe even somewhere people could go and smoke.

    I suffered severe depression and was on tablets until I stopped taking them and cured myself through smoking cannabis has enabled me to go and get an job.

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