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22 thoughts on “Open Comment

  1. I like many others have had to rely upon dealers and hoped that someday we would be able to freely purchase cannabis openly. I first used cannabis in my teens and still do, I will be 78 years old in December this year,
    and swear that I will still be using until I die, I also know that it is not for everyone and respect the fact that some people do not wish to use it, I would hope that they would respect my point of view, but that they would at least accept that to decry our use should be on a fact based basis, I also understand that it would be a brave Government that would legitimize recreational cannabis use, much as I would want it, but be of good cheer it will come, I just hope to live long enough to see it, then I will skin up and smoke a legal joint, knowing that I have with my advocacy helped in the fight.

  2. If cannabis use can be described as a ‘problem’ then it is a social problem, not a criminal one. People should be free to make decisions on issues such as their own cannabis use. We’re not gangsters, we’re gardeners and outdated drugs laws are only serving a criminal element which has identified a revenue source from an illegal plant that grows naturally throughout the world.

  3. I have been using cannabis in the UK since I was a teen. I first started smoking quite young. I heard the the stories about how you shouldn’t smoke at an early age, but I couldn’t see the same things being said about drinking, which most if not all of my family and friends were doing.
    Alcohol became a huge part of my life and unfortunately I have being suffering with a drink problem for a number of years now, but with the state of cannabis laws in the UK, we are all told that going down the pub or sinking a bottle at a party is the way forward, not consuming cannabis. Now being someone who doesn’t want to have drink in my life anymore, I would like to have access to cannabis to not only help me give up drinking but to help with my health in general. I would like to grow at home with my wife, not be looked at as a ‘Drug user’ or a ‘Junkie’.
    The way the cannabis consumer, and the cannabis connoisseur is spoken about in this country is laughable. When we look at the US, Canada, Spain and The Netherlands, I get a sinking feeling that the UK are being left behind. Generally speaking those of us would want to consume cannabis have no voice, are unwilling to speak out against government corruption due to fear.
    I have been to a couple of cannabis events in the UK but I know many people who don’t should up to these events or don’t want to join a club because they feel they would be making themselves a target for the police and don’t want to run the risk of losing there jobs or run the risk of going to jail.

    We need a change in attitude as well as a change in law here in the UK.

  4. To put this very simplistically…The cannabis plant allows me to continue working full time despite having had MS for 10 years as it aids my mobility, mood, sleep & appetite. ✌️

  5. I’m an ordinary guy with all the usual responsibilities, family, job, mortgage etc, and I also happen to enjoy cannabis. I hold it all together and see myself as a positive contributor to society. Cannabis is now finally being seen as a potential force for good (obviously we, especially the older ones amongst us, have know this to be true for a very long time) so the scales are falling from many eyes. Medical use is now justified by governmental decree (fuck, by the Tories!!!), despite anyone but the richest being able to access it. Research is coming in globally and daily proving this plant to have endless health benefits and really few disadvantages. I think as time goes by that these disadvantages will be dealt with by more research into various cannabinoid ratio profiles. In my case, the occasional feelings of anxiety I felt years ago after cannabis consumption are now dealt with by adding a little more CBD into my regime. As time and more research moves on, I’m sure we’ll get an even better idea how cannabinoids and terpenes affect our moods and get a better handle on what works for individuals as all of us have different endocannabinoid systems that require different Cannabinoid ratios to get them humming along just right. The fact that the health benefits are now recognised and that cannabis can be prescribed medically, the next obvious step is to allow it to be accessed in an affordable way. We all know it’s fairly simple and inexpensive to grow, so why tie us into the doctor/patient/pharmaceutical company paradigm? If a doctor prescribes a 20:1 cbd to thc product that costs a fuck ton to access privately, or impossibly on the NHS even with a prescription, then why can’t we grow it in our gardens, hot houses or attic rooms? What kind of insanity puts pharmaceutical profits before people’s wellbeing? Surely it’s our basic human right to be able to live healthy and happy lives that’s being denied here? I just hope that we are able to get to the simple position of being able to grow a plant that makes us happy and healthy, or access a dispensary that provides the various strains we require, or, obtain it via the NHS if need be. This bullshit reefer madness crap we have endured for the last 80 years has to end now. The government aren’t our rulers, they are our representatives, let’s keep driving the truth home to them and stop allowing the lies to go unchecked. Please support groups such as UKCSC and WTU who are working hard to fight for our rights to this wonderful plant.

  6. Sadly, I don’t think we’re going to have any changes in law any time soon.

    One of the biggest issues I have faced as a nutritionist trying to change thoughts or behaviour towards food is that there is so much crap online that people who are genuinely interested in learning are deterred by the fact that they know they can’t rely on the information they find online. Whats worse is, many of the people who perpetuate the nonsense are non-professionals who have absolutely no background in any relevant field other than the fact that they use whatever they are pushing. Even worse… these people who regurgitate information with no real understanding (or how to identify a good/bad study) are actually damaging the credibility of those who have clinical and academic experience to back themselves up.

    It pretty much mimics the issues we have with cannabis. Too many of the groups petitioning for reform are essentially run by and populated by stoners, who on the whole are not changing the way that people see cannabis because they are stereotypical stoners with no professional experience, no credibility and in 90% of cases just want the law to change so they don’t get arrested.

  7. Well people in Scotland would like more Cannabis Social Clubs. Its been a drag Facebook not showing cannabis searches as it hinders people from finding out new stuff. Most cannabis fans do not seem to be on Twitter. Scottish Parliament/ Government is fairly keen on their being more access to medicinal cannabis – it seems to have cross party support. They are stymied by UK Home Office but could possibly do something via control of Police Scotland if they could control Police Scotland which is a bit too big for its boots. They could either allow a minimum number of plants to be ‘ignored’ by police and or accept doctors letters (GPs as well as Specialists) as evidence for medicinal use. You probably know the alleged medicinal legalisation of 1st November has no medicines, training for doctors or Health Service budget streams behind it and families of sick children are once again cannabis refugees to Canada, Netherlands, Spain and so on.
    Best short term thing Home Office could do is to raise the permitted THC limit for plants and preparations. Then THC tinctures could be sold in chemists, health shops etc as well as CBD ones. Farmers should be encouraged to grow more hemp by Home Office reducing the red tape/ paperwork putting farmers off diversifying into hemp. It likes global warming!

  8. First and foremost, alcohol was my gateway into the world of cannabis. I started smoking it at 20 after a couple of years of not enjoying drinking alcohol. Cannabis is far more enjoyable and far far safer without any side effects that I don’t like.
    Not long after I started smoking cannabis, I noticed a positive effect on my crohns symptoms – less pain/cramping, fixes nausea, helped brighten my mood away from depression, and helps calm my anxiety down. Science has recently determined that cannabis does indeed have medicinal properties for a large range of ailments, including crohns, which backs up my personal findings. It also contradicts what the government has been peddling for decades.
    The longer cannabis remains illegal in the UK, despite overwhelming evidence showing the government has been lying, the more of an embarrassment it will be for them when they do legalise it. I know what I’d do if I ran the government, and it wouldn’t involve corruption, or profits before people, as is the case in the current Tory government.

    1. great post im the same as you accept i discovered it where its legal and had 20 years of alcoholism behind me. cannabis is an amazing cure and would save thousands of lives in terms of heavy drinkers. its insane its illegal.

  9. Hello,

    I’m a chronic pain sufferer. I have had several operations over the last few years and due to the high level of pain I have I’m on OxyContin, liquid morphine, Gabbapentin and antidepressants.

    I’ve been taking progressively more over time. I had to take a lot of time off work and needed to change my contract hours permanently. This has reduced my salary. My home life has been disrupted too. My wife has had to put up with a husband who has lost almost all of his personality.

    These drugs are good in the fact that I can function but they are slowly grinding me down. I forget things, I’m lazy, I need to sleep a lot and I’m very depressed. Although the drugs help they don’t actually cure the pain. You just care less about it. You care less about everything else too unfortunately.

    Cannabis is the only drug that can make me happy again despite all of the above. I can sit and laugh with my wife again. I can think creatively and enjoy life a bit more. I can eat too which is a blessing as this much opioids makes you sick all the time.

    I can only get stuff off the street and I can’t smoke it due to my health issues.

    I vape flower from time to time but most of the time I’ll try to cook with it. It is heartbreaking to see all the wonderful looking edibles online and strengths when all I can get is street weed with no idea of how much I’m taking.

    I’m hoping I can join an actual club in the Manchester area but I don’t know anyone who could vouch for me. So I think I’ll not be successful in that for some time.

    I’m not capable of the security needed to use the dark web and that sounds scary to me.

    It’s all scary really.

    I hope I can access medical cannabis when it comes available but I’m worried I will become known as a drug seeker. When you are on the drugs that I’m on, you are under a lot of scrutiny. If I loose a pill down the back of the sofa I have to report it. So going in and asking for cannabis meds might not look good for me. They really do get shirty even when I’ve suggested that it’s an option in other countries.

    I don’t actually know how much longer I can take being on these meds full time. I joined this group to see if I could help myself a little and perhaps meet others who are on the same drugs as me that I might be able to relate to.

    Sorry if this is depressing to read.

  10. hi,
    I reside in watford, hertfordshire and would be interested in setting up a club. i have always had difficulty understanding written information. Is there someone out there willing to explain the whole CSC thing to me.
    i know of someone who disposes of his trim, however i have been experimenting with coconut oil. (a friend has been treating his wife’s tremmors with this oil – its like a light switch!?)
    handyconstruction1@gmail.com to set something up.
    regards Snoop

  11. Hi ya, is there a group that knows about the medical side to this.. I have a mother with skin cancer and a child with adhd, ocd, anxiety and depression. I’m at my wits end at home, she’s on meds already and I have problems her taking them. I’m on meds to help me cope.
    Started growing , became a member waiting for info on tagging but it all seems very high tech regarding yield, weights etc
    Any advice would be much appreciated 😩

  12. HI,
    My other half has been diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer which is inoperable. We are desperate to ty anything which may help, and would like advice on where to obtain Cannabis oil, Don’t want to resort to blindly ordering on the internet as we don’t know what we may be getting. Any advice on how to get hold of the oil without getting ripped off?? Many thanks in advance for any advice you can give. xx

    1. I have no real experience if this but I know that a man called Rik Simpson in the US could be a good bet. He is quite famous for making canbabis Oil for cancer sufferers. It is known as RSO – Rick Simpson Oil. All the best to you both

  13. open comment about how 420 is my medicine while medicating lol how long will i type for ? oops where my lighter .. lol huge shout out to all those who are doing more to prove how beneficial cannabis can be.. we all know ourselves it works but so many people have the that opinion i use obvious your general hazes and can happily go to work in a nightclub with and emotionally unstable personality disorder ad kleinfelters syndrome amongst other issues i also use edibles and canna caps made to choice and wow do they work .. li feel like the man i know i can become when i medicate properly or a frail old man if i dont (32not old) im about to venture down the cbd path as i know alot of products teas coffee etc courtesy of the cbd cafe uk his teas work for so many different reason ..

    @420musicalhooligan instagram

    wishing you all a happy 420 whenever your next one is.
    stay lifted
    stay humble
    peace love and unity

  14. I just need to say to (what feels like a room!) of people wanting to change the world – IT REALLY IS OKAY TO DELEGATE!

    Please don’t feel as though you can/need to do everything as just one person! We are a Cannabis COMMUNITY and should be supporting each other! ✊✨

    We might all have a similar passion but all have our different strengths… What abilities do you have that a club might need? Whatever you are good at, chances are that we need you and can harness and utilise your skills for the benefit of everyone 🙂

    My background is 12+ years in business administration (thus the most organised and process-driven stoner you’ll ever meet 😉 ) #sorrynotsorry .. I’m only realising now after almost a year of chairing #MKCSC (Milton Keynes CSC) how sought after my skills might be.. 😅

    The club(s) in your area might not be where you think they should be because they are lacking people like YOU! 💪😍

    Don’t forget that all clubs are run on a volunteer basis and no members or staff are paid for their input or time #supportyourlocalcannabisclub 😉

  15. Inspiring mate! I’m glad you’ve carved a better path for yourself.
    Thank you for sharing and I hope you continue to spread the message ✌️

  16. Hi would really like to get in touch with more open minded people like myself in the south and maybe even somewhere people could go and smoke.

    I suffered severe depression and was on tablets until I stopped taking them and cured myself through smoking cannabis has enabled me to go and get an job.

  17. At the age of 11 I went to high school, whoa it was massive, compared to the little country primary school i had spent my early years at. I was brown in skin colour, kinda light coffee, in a school of predominantly white kids. My next 7 years were pretty violent I got bullied from day one , i wasn’t very big 4″9″ when i first arrived, but by 13/14 years old something occurred ,,,, I grew! Adolescence had hit balls had dropped testosterone was flowing and i got angry! and before long I was a dude with a rep spread across every school in the county, this followed me after I left school , the 70s, football violence, the nightclub violence, inter town violence, all fuelled with alcohol, I was a lad!!
    I came from a decent family, mum , dad , both teachers, holidays abroad when we were kids, and i was repaying them with weekly visits from the law, fines from court, people talking behind hands about there despicable violent son, I was pretty bad ass. Look at me wrong pal your games over, that was me! Until one night, 19 years old, my mate invited me to a his older bros party , big posh gaff, mam and dad away , it was pretty cool ! That nite was the first nite of my life,” i smoked Ganja”, it was life changing! All these dudes were in the garden passing this thing around I found out later it was called a Chillum, they were smoking something that a guy who i only knew as Lebanese Dave had fetched back from his latest travels in Morocco. Nepalese Temple Ball!! one blast on the Chillum!!! Nirvana found!! I had the best nite of my life with these people they were older, maybe a bit hippy throw back ,,, but introducing me to this amazing thing called weed ,, changed my life. The violence stopped because alcohol was no longer my entertainment, in fact my whole life changed , I could take control and didn’t feel the need to be this big hard dude anymore, which really i think was the wall i was hiding behind from my school days , my parents celebrate the day i found cannabis too, there lives became easier and we built a new relationship. Since those days and I am 54 years old now ,, the only time i haven’t smoked weed each day is when I holiday in countries where your fucked if ya caught, other than that, doubt I’ve missed a day . Hey and guess what Ive been an upstanding citizen worked all my life ran my own business paid my taxes, and never broken the law BAAAAAAH the ridiculous one thats stops me growing a plant that has helped me, and so many others enjoy a decent life without bothering anybody else. . Where as, if I had stayed with the socially accepted and legal drug, Alcohol, I would probably be dead or doing life for alcohol enraged fury!!! VIVA LA WEED!! :))/) Hasta La Victoria Siempre! The Real Truth is Out There 🙂

      1. To be honest cannabis has done nothing but good for me. I am a manual worker, when I get home my body feels beaten and generally knackered. I have had tennis elbow, damaged nerve in my elbow, golfers elbow all at the same time. I suffer neck and back pain on a daily basis. I have used so many different prescription drugs. One of which made me constipated very badly which gave me piles then I ended up bleeding from my bum. That was 4 years ago. I still have problems with that thank to our corrupted government and forcing me to put pharmaceutical drugs into me which are evil. I won’t take any thing anymore I just stick to cannabis. One plant has done more for me than dozens of pharmaceutical drugs. It relieves my pain in minuites plus it makes me feel good and happy. I was put on sertraline for depression which made me feel like I wanted to kill myself so I stopped taking that also it made me feel very sick. I don’t particularly care what people think anymore about my safe demonized plant I use because I as a user know the truth. The government to me just look like they are being paid money to keep the safer plant illegal just so corrupted industry can make there profits. The one thing that the government probably hasn’t thought of is that most movies we watch in the UK are from countries who have legalised cannabis completly which is going to show everyone that the uk is no different and our government look like they are deliberately trying to harm the public even children. Cannabis needs to be available to who ever wants to use it as the medicine of there own choice. Also how have our human rights been ignored. That is what I call criminal. Not the people using cannabis. Our politicians in my opinion are the lowest of the low and once a kid dies from the restrictions I don’t think anything will protect the people responsible for blocking people medicine of choice. Nobody believes the lies anymore and the longer prohibition is being dragged out the longer it’s going to take for the public to start to trust the government again. Also cannabis is basically only available to people who can afford to pay thousands for the prescription. Which actually cost more than my monthly salary. I am wondering if the people behind the gangsters selling cannabis our street actually are our politicians. Either that or they are in deep with the pharmaceutical industry and taking bribes.

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