Potent Whispers Rhyming Guide To Hemp

The Rhyming Guide to Hemp By Potent Whisper explaining the benefits of hemp to a stranger isn’t easy, there’s just so much information to cover.

Spoken Word artist Potent Whisper has created ‘The Rhyming Guide to Hemp’ an excellent video that clearly and accurately explains the medicinal, industrial and environmental benefits of the hemp plant. A perfect online tool for you to spread the good word.

The video aims to bring the crop further into the public eye, reduce the stigma associated with the plant and highlight the urgent need for reform in the law. The petition launched with the video – in collaboration with Illegal Health – calls for the reclassification of hemp from a schedule 1 drug to an agricultural crop.

The medicinal benefits of hemp are fast becoming widely recognised, particularly in the form of CBD which is treating and preventing a spectrum of diseases for people around the world. The video also situates itself within the context of Brexit, highlighting a booming global hemp economy and the industrial opportunities for both farmers and the country as a whole.

“We’re not exactly in the best position / We should all be looking to assess our next steps / Times are really changing, we need a new vision / And I do believe that hemp’s our best bet / Hemp is literally the link that we’ve been missing / It needs to be reclassified, then we can invest / A move to grow hemp is a move to grow Britain / You wanna grow Britain, you gotta grow hemp!”

Sign this petition to call for the immediate withdrawal of hemp as a schedule 1 drug and for the urgent reclassification as an industrial and agricultural crop:

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