Steps2Recovery rep claims smack & crack safer than weed

London drug rehab therapist, that purports to help recovering drug addicts claimed on the BBC’s Newsbeat documentary that heroin and crack cocaine are more spiritual and safer than cannabis … but the internet hit back!

As was reported on the Cannabis Geek’s website, a massive outrage was sparked when, Louisa Philips Kulukundis, a registered therapist with the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy, claimed on the BBC’s Newsbeat that she would prefer it if her son took heroin or crack over skunk.

“I told my oldest son I would prefer him to use heroin over skunk. heroin and crack, it does what it says on the tin, it’s physical, emotional, and spiritual – whereas skunk is the psychotic aspect”.

The story soon gained attention on Social Media, with pro-weed Facebook page Feed The Birds posting the following meme.

Louisa Philips Kulukundis, who works for Steps2Recovery and is a registered with the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy .

This also lead to a number of people leaving a one star review and negative comments on their Facebook page.

Steps2recovery drug rehabilitation comment
Comment slating Steps2Recovery on their now deleted Facebook page.
Greg de Hoedt comments on drug rehabilitation charity - Steps2Recovery
Greg de Hoedt, Chairman of the UK Cannabis Social Clubs chips in.

Within a matter of hours their Five Star review rating was reduced to 1.4.

Review for drugs charity Steps2Recovery
Steps2Recovery goes from 5 star review to 1 star review rating in a few hours.

The reaction from Steps2Recovery, the group that Lousia works with? Did they apologise? Did they distance themselves from the remarks of Louisa Philips Kulukundis?

Nope, they deleted their Facebook page to get rid of all the negative comments left by Facebook users in their review section asking difficult questions about the highly irresponsible advice that one of their employees gave to millions on a news show aimed at a younger audience suggesting crack and heroin are both safer and more spiritual than cannabis.

Unfortunately, for Steps2Recovery, the Internet doesn’t go away. When it became revealed they had closed down their Facebook page, even more people went back to their new Facebook page to again leave a comment.

A representative of Steps2Recovery said on the BBC to an audience of millions that she would prefer her son took heroin or crack than 'skunk', a generic term used to refer to higher potency cannabis. To say that cannabis is not safer than smack or crack is untrue and extremely dangerous, as it could lead to cannabis users taking dangerous drugs that actually kill people. Crack and heroin kill thousands of people every year, whereas cannabis kills nobody. It would be good to hear from Steps2Recovery to clarify their stance on the matter.

Can you please explain to me being a reformed crack and heroin user how cannabis is worse do you really expect anyone to honestly believe that bullshit you seriously need to look at yourselves and what you said to the nation you seriously are deluded

As somone who has experienced first hand the devastating consequences of heroin addiction in my own family, I was shocked and appalled to see an employee of this organisation promoting its use to thousands of people on the BBC. There is no scientific or logical basis on which the claim that both heroin and crack are less harmful than cannabis could possibly be based. This is very very dangerous advice, how on earth can you claim to be helping addicts whilst handing out such poor advise? The only responsible thing you can do now is make sure that idiotic woman never gets near a vulnerable person again!

The internet doesn't go away, deleting the old page won't work.

While we are sure that not many people will fall for such rubbish, it is still worrying that such dangerous and unscientific garbage could be spewed out broadcast to millions and go unchallenged. What if someone who uses cannabis actually believed the outrageous comments made by Louisa Philips Kulukundis and thought they would jack up or have a go on the crack pipe, since they know cannabis isn’t dangerous and they hear a supposed drug counselor tell them it’s safer and more spiritual.

A number of complaints were made to the BBC, which were of course fobbed off. Their response is laughable as it is pathetic.

Response from the BBC to complaint about broadcasting dangerous advice on drugs.
Lame but predictable response from the BBC.

This is yet another example of the media trying to demonise cannabis by using the term ‘skunk’, which is a completely meaningless term, it’s a name given to a cross between a Thai, Columbian and Afghani that has been around since the 1960s, named so because it is indeed quite smelly, not to mention the breeder was nicknamed “Sam Skunkman”

The notion that cannabis is somehow much more stronger than the cannabis our MPs and media were smoking when they were at university is simply not true. Good quality cannabis has been around for years. We recognise the need for organisations and charities to exist that help recovering addicts, but it would be better if they educated themselves, engaged with the cannabis community, rather than spouting rubbish that you’d expect to find in the Daily Mail.

Cannabis Social Clubs offer a safer environment for cannabis consumers to purchase and use tested and labelled products. The strength can be chosen by the individual and they will know they are not be getting involved with any criminal activity or moral wrong doing.

The argument is always to protect vulnerable and underage people. Well, Cannabis Social Clubs have that exact intention. To be age regulated so minors cannot enter events or access cannabis products, and let’s face it, there is no protection for them now while under a model of prohibition and criminalisation – not even that is putting people off, given that at least three million Brits admit to regularly using cannabis.

Cannabis Social Clubs will remove cannabis products out of the same marketplace as other drugs – no one buys crack when they buy their alcohol (unless perhaps you’re a cannabis activist that owes £40,000+ in legal bills) and there’s a logical reason behind that. If alcohol were an illicit drug however, it might well be something you get from the same dealer. And for the love of ganja, let’s hope we never find out.

Comparing Brighton Cannabis Club eating a fine meal infused with medical cannabis to a room of heroin or crack addicts though … just wow! I’m speechless.

Find your local cannabis club on our club list and map.

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