Strain Review: Blueberry Headband, Humboldt Seeds

This January has been a real treat when it’s come to the stash jar. The colder temperatures of winter can allow for some dialed-in growing conditions without having to battle the heat, so it’s no surprise that this round of Blueberry Headband has knocked it out of the park.

We had an ounce to play with so got to see a varying size of nugs and budlets, but one thing that stood out was the consistency. Tightly packed nugs, dense in form and covered in trichomes. You could tell, too, that the trichomes were well formed with the heads visible under a 60x eye loupe. The trichome glands were cloudy and amber, a good indication that the grower has taken consideration of when to harvest this crop.

These nugs are definitely hitting high scores when it comes to aesthetics. Well formed nugs with a great shape and those classic mounding bracts that would stack up into foxtails had the plant gone any longer give each bud a beautiful structure.

Whoever trimmed these nuggets took care, there’s no damage to them from the fiskers and the only bits of trim on show are tiny bits of sugar leaf. Some people aren’t bothered about a more leafy end product but if you want to really experience the finest flavour a cannabis bud can deliver you’ll want every last bit of leaf removed. If you haven’t you should give it a try.


Sweet, fruity gas with slightly acrid ammonia are some of the first smells that come through when giving this a whiff and as you get deeper the earthy and more basey notes start to hum through. Being a cross of Blueberry, a strain brought to fame by breeder DJ Short, you can imagine this does have some hints of the blue, but finding true blue, as most connoisseurs and growers know, can be a rare find. As you hold a nug in your fingers and break some of the trichome glands releasing the essential oils that grow inside the warm aniseed and licorice notes that you find in good old school Skunk #1 varieties comes through and it makes you want to go back for another sniff. Sticking your nose in the bag is a bit of a mindgasm.


This crop was dried and cured well. The nugs are not damp in the slightest meaning; there is no sponginess to them, instead they’re well dried enough to be able to crush with your fingers without turning to dust. They break up nice and easily or you can pick them apart. When ground up, obviously it depends on the grinder you have but in a standard sharktooth it’s a little on the finer side and no visible form of the calyxes. We did not store this ounce with a Bovida pack but there is nothing to complain about, it certainly wasn’t over-dry.


In the vape these terps delivered instant sweetness and for me, the aniseed really shone through which is great because I am a huge fan of the flavour.

The taste is rich, sweet and leaves a pleasant aftertaste in the nose. Exhaling through your nostrils has a slight creaminess but that fruity, sweet anise scent is carried through. It is not a complex terpene profile but it does stimulate some spots on the pallet nasal and tip of the tongue.


In terms of the effect this strain has, it is a higher THC profile and whilst it is untested we don’t believe this had much CBD in if anything over trace amounts. That’s certainly not a problem (for us) though and we can confirm that the dank did it’s job very nicely. We have cotton mouth to prove it!

Medically it was good for a few symptoms from our members. Good for digestive aid and reducing nausea, easing tension in the eyes, anti anxiety, uplifting and relaxing.

Clearly a hybrid, we found Blueberry Headband from Humboldt Seeds to be good providing a nice relaxed mindset. DJ Shorts original Blueberry was created for the purposes of relaxation and anti-anxiety and it’s fair to say that something seems to be working here. With a name like Headband you would hope for some pretty intense gassy notes which you know have some potent feel good effects and can be known for their smooth body stone.

While this does give some good pain relief it doesn’t quite compare to the parentage on analgesic strength. There’s some good muscle relaxation going on and it’s defintely a feel good strain after an intense workout. It would be pretty surprising if you ended up with couch lock on this. There will be no excuses to be made when it’s your turn to make a cup of tea that evening!

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