‘Stunningly easy’ – how to make a hemp battery

After posting our article on hemp batteries last month, Robert Murray-Smith – whose tests have shown hemp to be eight times more powerful than lithium – got in touch via email to say, “I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for posting my video. I did a follow up to this on exactly how to make a hemp battery if you think your readers would be interested. All the best, Rob.”

Astonishingly, our article was shared 921 times on Facebook. Scrolling through the shares it was notable from the comments that many of the people had no idea that hemp could be turned into a battery, let alone that it outperformed lithium and even graphene.

So indeed, it looks like readers would be interested in more no the topic, and that it is important to keep spreading the word about the wonderful capabilities of hemp to those who have been kept in the dark – especially with the urgent need to replace our environmentally-destructive extraction-based economy into a hemp-based industrial revolution if we are going to stand any chance of tackling climate change.

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So – how to build one of these hemp batteries for yourself? We’ll leave the detail to the video, but Rob talks us through four steps: 1) Turning hemp bast into an active material, ie carbonising it; 2) Turning that active material into an ink; 3) Applying it to some current collectors; 4) Building a device.

Rob says making a hemp battery is “really stunningly easy and simple” but cautions that it does take practice, and so it is best to start off by making small examples in order not to waste materials.

Over to Robert:

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