UPDATED: UKCSC Summer Protest, Event & Meet Up Calendar 2016

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Summer is pretty much here and if you have lived in the UK long enough then you probably know it’s only going to get a little bit better – but rest assured there are some dank days to be had ahead thanks to our Cannabis Social Clubs who have organised a series of summer picnic protests and gatherings over the next 12 weeks. Please bookmark this page and keep checking back for additions & updates. 

We also have Product Earth to thank for providing the highlight of the Summer with their addition to the world of Hempfests with their UK Hemp Expo and Music Festival – The Alternative Lifestyle tradeshow has encompassed the earth positive and eco-friendly ethos with elements of the ethical fashion industry, the emerging hemp industry and the mezmorizing new borosilicate glass blowing scene that has exploded (well…you know what we mean) out of the culture. The music is going to be off of the charts and should provide the perfect setting for the ultimate chillout. You can get your tickets here for whatever way you want to spend the weekend, camping, glamping, or you can stay in a local hotel in Peterborough and grab a weekend pass. You could even come up just for the day and get in from just £15! Many of the CSC’s will be camping s it should be a great time had by all.

The UK Cannabis Social Clubs have taken it upon themselves to plan summer days of action to help spread the growing awareness about cannabis regulation and legalisation in an attempt to fill in where the mainstream media and our politicians are missing out. We have been holding our picnic protests for 5 years now and in this time have gained noticeable media attention allowing clubs to make local progress year upon year. Cannabis Social Clubs feel that it is their responsibility as diligent and peaceful citizens that want a fairer society for all, to stand up where no one is and be the voice that they feel is missing.

This is often an opportunity for patients that want to find out more about cannabis and if it could potentially help with their medical condition. It is quite sad that it takes a so called bunch of “stoners” to hold an event in a park so that people with serious and life threatening conditions such as cancer, epilepsy, crohn’s , MS, ME, Fibromyalgia and pretty much an endless list to get the face to face help and information they need to put them on the right track to health. This is what we have found over the last half decade and this is why we continue to do what we do.

While we do have a serious message to get out there we are trying to get across that cannabis is not the dangerous scary monster that society has all too often had it made out to be to them. By clubs sitting outside for a day in a local park and handing out information to passers by and having many interesting conversations it allows minds to be changed and it also gives confidence to those people out there that use cannabis that there are people out there fighting their corner. It might even inspire a few of you reading this to come out and support your local club and show them that their effort is worth it.

Below is a list of events that have been published online already but there are more in the pipeline that will be added by the start of June. If you know a toker in one of the areas below – do them a favour – send them this link and let them know about it (activism can be that simple and you don’t even have to think about it t be doing it).

If there is an event near you and you had no idea there was a cannabis social club near you – today is your lucky day! Shoot them a message and find out how you can get involved or if they need any help. Or just turn up and have fun – we don’t expect everyone that wants to be part of the Cannabis Social Clubs to want to change the world and we realise the majority just want to come and have a good time! And that is exactly why we go to all this trouble, because there are so many people that simply enjoy cannabis and want it to be legally part of their normal lives.

So, check out the list and hopefully we will see you at one of our local events. Like us on Facebook.

Check the official club list here to see if there is a club near you and tell them you want a summer event like one below!

SAT 28 – Sunderland Cannabis Club // 1st Annual Summer Protest
SUN 29 – Hemel Hempstead Cannabis Club // Hemel Hempstead Awareness walk and Overgrow! 


SAT 11
SUN 12 – Grimsby Cannabis Club // Chill & Chat

SAT 18
SUN 19

SAT 25 – Product Earth? // Product Earth Expo 2016 – Expo and Festival?
SUN 26


SAT 2 – Brighton Cannabis Club? // Brighton Cannabis Club: Green Pride 2016?

SAT 9 – The Tottenham Cannabis Club // #TTCC Awareness Day
SUN 10 – Glasgow Cannabis Social Club // Glasgow Green 7/10 

SAT 16 –
SUN 17 – Portsmouth Cannabis Social Club  // Beach BBQ

SAT 23 – Leeds Cannabis Social Club // TBC
SUN 24

SAT 30
SUN 31



SAT 13
SUN 14 – Portsmouth Cannabis Social Club  // Awareness Picnic

SAT 20
SUN 21

SAT 27 – Devon Cannabis Club // Summer Picnic   &   Hemel Hempstead Cannabis Club // Awareness Gathering
SUN 28 – Scunthorpe Cannabis Club  // Dank Holiday Meet & Greet
MON 29 – #JerkAndFire – UKCSC Community Event in  a Brighton Park

As the Summer comes to a close CSC’s will be heading indoors for more events for Private Members – Keep your eyes peeled for the start of the Autumn Awareness Tour for a date in a town near you!

SAT 3 – The Vapefiend // “The Dopefiend Cup” Judging & Awards.
SUN 4 –

SAT 10 – London Smoking Club // Members Session
SUN 11 –

SAT 17 – Wear Valley Canna Club // September Session
SUN 18 –

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