A Suver Nuver Experience: The Cannabis Foundation Making A Difference

Over the last 7 years I have been fortunate enough to travel to many progressive cannabis nations and learn about the ways other campaigners and activists have approached the battles that their unique circumstances have forced them to adapt to. These trips have been heavily influential on my personal life, my way of thinking and […]

Bedrocan’s Standardized Cannabis, Testing Oils and Patient Inspired Research (Also Launching New Strain…Amnesia Haze)

At the Global Medical Cannabis Summit Dublin on September 14th 2016 international cannabis advocates, scientists and researchers came together under the roof of the Smock Alley Theatre on the north bank of the River Liffey. It is the first time an event of this magnitude has been hosted in the British Isles and hosts Help […]

5 Reasons to Regulate the UK Cannabis Market

Cannabis Social Clubs have appeared in European countries to offer cannabis consumers and medical cannabis patients a safer alternative and a solution to the problems that prohibition causes in society.  Part of the reason the UK Cannabis Social Clubs exists is to inform existing consumers of the CSC model and it’s benefits over the current “free-for-all” market […]

Big Pharma: Human Trials for Cannabis brain cancer treatment

On November the 11th 2013, GW Pharmaceuticals, (a UK pharmaceutical company currently operating under a government monopoly license to grow cannabis) announced that they will be conducting phase “1b/2a clinical trial” for the treatment of Gliobastoma Mulitiforme. Glioblastoma Mulitoforme is a rare, aggressive, malignant brain tumour that leaves patients a median survival rate of 15 […]