Cannabis use worse than theft?

Afternoon musings on the ‘Durham Police not arresting people for small-scale cannabis production or use’ palava: Back in May, Plymouth Police told owners of petrol stations that they would not be able to investigate if someone were to drive off without paying for their fuel, because of cuts to the police budget which meant they […]

Manchester 420 Platt Fields A Smokey Success

Mannijuana & ManCan’s 420 event goes off as planned – not one bad point to the day! Everyone with any inkling of knowledge regarding cannabis knows about 420 and 420 culture and it is no different here in Manchester. For almost 3 months, admins from Mannijuana and ManCan have been organizing a get-together for Manchester. […]

Coming Together

I hear people talking about the quality and quantity of weed available today and I fully believe it’s down to the growers; although not through any fault of their own. The police are making it harder for growers to properly grow and dry their products without rushing which is resulting in poor quality, damp cannabis. […]

Fun snaps and cannabis wraps.

Helen Anderson, a police community support officer in Henley-on-Thames, made the local news recently for finding what she thought were 32 wraps of cannabis laying on the pavement outside Gorvett and Stone Chocolatiers in Duke Street. PCSO Anderson was quick to tell the Henley Standard that “if a dog or small child had found the […]