UK Magistrate threatens depression patient with cruel and unusual punishment for cannabis medicine

  A Somerset Magistrate has threatened violent physical punishment if patient is caught treating his depression with cannabis again.   It sounds like something you would read in a Dickens or Roald Dahl’s The Twits, when one of the characters has been caught doing something bad. Sadly, this is the threatening language used by Magistrate […]

Cannabis use worse than theft?

Afternoon musings on the ‘Durham Police not arresting people for small-scale cannabis production or use’ palava: Back in May, Plymouth Police told owners of petrol stations that they would not be able to investigate if someone were to drive off without paying for their fuel, because of cuts to the police budget which meant they […]

North East Police Crime Commissioner Decriminalising Cannabis Users To Focus On Gangs

Ronald Hogg PCC, has today been reported to be re-prioritising the structure of cannabis policing in the North East in areas such as Durham, Newcastle and Middlesbrough. “Cannabis use is still illegal and smoking it is still a crime, but if you are caught, you will get this opportunity to stop re offending. ‘By and large […]

Cannabis seizures drop in Surrey but more are growing say Cannabis Club

An article covering cannabis production in the Surrey Ad this week quotes Surrey Cannabis Club’s Alan Pavia.  “I don’t think these figures show that less people are growing, in fact I think the opposite is true, more people are growing than ever before. “People are growing a lot more for personal use and that has […]

Coming Together

I hear people talking about the quality and quantity of weed available today and I fully believe it’s down to the growers; although not through any fault of their own. The police are making it harder for growers to properly grow and dry their products without rushing which is resulting in poor quality, damp cannabis. […]