‘Justice’: Ayr dad fined for growing cannabis for son’s cancer


A dad from Ayr in Scotland who grew cannabis to treat his teenage son’s cancer has been fined £1,000 in an act of barbaric cruelty by the ‘justice’ system.

Guy Friedberg, 49, told police that he was making cannabis oil for his sick son and that he had made no attempt to profit financially from his activity.

Defence counsel Gregor Forbes told Ayr Sheriff Court (pictured): “It is the accused’s position he was growing plants not for any commercial benefit, but to potentially care for his son who has cancer.”

Friedberg, who trades as a jeweller, took up a business property on High Street in June 2018, a month after his son’s diagnosis. Depute Fiscal Ed Sheeran told the court: “On September 13 police attended with a Sheriff Search Warrant. There was a growing area with four tents in the room with head lamps, extraction fans, and air ducting monitors.

“Within the growing room there were air conditioning vents. They found four long cannabis plants. There were four plants with good quantity of budding and 10 infant plants, and four plants with no budding.

“The value was £200-400 if of full maturity and able to produce effectively. The accused after the discovery was arrested.”

£200-£400! Wow what an impressive haul by the police! The mafias have been well and truly warned!

Heartless Sheriff Mhari MacTaggart showed no sympathy for Friedberg and fined him £1,000. She told him: “Whatever gave rise to you embarking on this fairly well-thought-through set-up and operation, the fact of the matter is that the production of this drug is illegal.

“Whatever personal circumstances had blighted your family, you are not above the law.”

We can only hope that this judge has not condemned a teenage boy to a death sentence.

Herbs heal! Prohibition kills!

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  1. Could she have a word with the Prime minister, whose husband has the largest cannabis growing event in Norfolk. What they turn to profit does not get a chance to help cancer sufferers, or epilepsy sufferers, in this country, but purely on a commercial business run organisation for PROFIT

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