That’s not a cannabis factory… This is a cannabis factory!


Plymouth police are winning the war on drugs after stumbling across a hidden cannabis factory in Bircham Woods. This Is Plymouth breaks the news…

Tiny Cannabis Factory

A dog walker raised the alarm to PCSO Carn Snell of the Southway neighbourhood policing team around 2.30pm last Sunday. He said: “The dog walker was in Bircham Woods, close to Derriford Hospital, when her dog ran off. “She went after him and stumbled across it.”

When PCSOs Snell and Lucie Hibberd of the Estover neighbourhood police team arrived at the scene of the crime they discovered a small area had been cleared with garden sheers and the branches used for camouflage.

PCSO Snell said: “If you hadn’t gone looking you certainly wouldn’t have found it.

That is because it wasn’t actually a cannabis factory…unless it was being run by the organized crime gang of The Borrowers. Media sensationalism not quite at its finest you could say, but maybe at its most brain dead.

The word factory has been attached to cannabis gardens and used by the media for almost a decade. It is mostly used to grab headlines and spread fear because the image that has been sold and associated to a cannabis “factory” is largely the ones run by serious organized crime gangs that grow cannabis simply for the extortionate profits that they are easily able to make from it. One of Britain’s (and the worlds) largest cash crops is gifted to organized crime thanks to the policy of prohibition.

To get an idea of what a real cannabis “factory” other-wise known as a garden looks like let’s take a behind the scene look at River Rock Wellness’ Medical Marijuana garden on Tokin Daily. Here they have all stages of growth and production that needs to take place before it goes on the shelf as a medicine to patients in the Denver, Colorado area. In January all Colorado residents 21 and over will be able to buy cannabis legally from special retail stores for recreational and medical purposes.

Imagine if we in the UK used our empty industrial units and shop fronts for this Industry which is being labelled The Green Rush in America?

It certainly raises the question; why are we criminalizing so many people today in the UK that work with cannabis when these jobs could be legal and taxed? Well..if you work for GW Pharmaceuticals that have had a license from the Home Office to grow since 1998 then you are exempt from criminal punishment and the force of the law. Hell, you can even still go to America legally even though you grow cannabis for a living! Unjust? Yeah, we think so.

GW Police

2 thoughts on “That’s not a cannabis factory… This is a cannabis factory!

  1. It makes me so mad when I see this and also how these PCSO’s no doubt are so attached to the uniform and the system that they genuinely believe the war on drugs and cannabis is bad. You only have to look at it’s history and the politics and figures surrounding it when it was first outlawed to see the true motives. Now you see on all cannabis mass media comments people using words like the “weedheads” are out in force.

    So you are now stereotyped for using a drug that does less harm then 99% of the government sponsored ones both prescription or otherwise.

    Nice to know that we by far come out in force when we sense injustice within the newspaper. Also the so called weedheads are the only ones who has brought attention to the fact this family has lost a loved one and should not have to face this level of manipulation just so a media outlet can ram some of its well known evidence I mean facts I mean total fictitious opinion

  2. Every time they use the word “factory”, I have this image of rows of people sitting there gluing calyxes together to make buds. When people grow potatoes it’s called a farm, not a potato

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