The Need To Grow – Permaculture Documentary

The organic farming revolution has picked up considerable speed across the western world, where the reliance on chemical nutrient fertilisers has become utterly unsustainable. But how far should one go with organic gardening and cultivation of food – is it just a fad or is there something more serious to the people leading the revolution?

The Need To Grow takes a dive into what good organic growing is beneath the surface of knowing it’s natural, why it is needed for human health and more importantly for the planet – at a time when global warming due to carbon emmissions at an all time high, and quite possibly at a point of no return.

The documentary is clear about it’s message that there are no real global leaders making this change happen because it’s something that needs to be done all around us, in every town, city and part of the country side to start creating what is needed to make the change effective. And because it is so easy to participate in, it really shouldn’t take much to get involved passed looking a little harder at what our surrounding and behaviours towards the environment are.

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The film looks at technology that could speed up converting carbon from the atomosphere into usable plant foods 400 years faster than nature, just by correctly harnessing natural processes. It is certainly worth the watch.

Building good qualilty soils, sharing information on what works and how to overcome problems with others in our community is a human way of doing things and – low and behold – it helps save the planet too.

You can watch the screening here:

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