The UK’s #1 Strain Database just launched and it looks dank

These days there is a seemingly endless list of cannabis cultivars on the market. In fact, there are far too many for your average cannabis consumer to have tried a mere 1% of them. And every time you visit your dealer these days, they seem to have something different. 

“Pink panties? What’s that?” “OZ Kush – is that like a new OG?” The answers may surprise you.

Enter Strains UK – a website dedicated to cannabis strain information and providing users with everything they need to know about UK weed strains.

Would you like to know more about the cannabinoid makeup of your favourite British cultivar? How about detailed terpene information? Strains highlights it all, aiming to be the most comprehensive strain resource for every strain in its database, including THC and CBD test results to show first-hand what cannabinoids the strains contain. There is even a section featuring strains which pair well with a whole set of hobbies, sports and activities on site.

While there are a few solid strain reference websites online, Strains UK is the first to focus on the UK cannabis market, showcasing strains found on these shores and including many that are not referenced on other sites. The distinct focus on the UK market means you won’t be left daydreaming of greener pastures abroad; many of the featured strains are readily available on British soil.

And the Strainbase will keep growing – pardon the pun – to continue to inform on the UK cannabis market and what is available to consumers. The Strainbase isn’t just a static archive; it’s a living, breathing compendium of cannabis knowledge. With Strains UK, the user experience is far from an afterthought. The site is meticulously designed to be user-friendly, featuring an intuitive layout and smart search functionalities. Whether you’re a casual browser or a seasoned connoisseur, you’ll find the strain information you’re hunting for without a hitch, thanks to nifty features like filters and search bars.

Just three months after launch this year, Strains offered free THC/CBD testing at Product Earth 2023, attracting hundreds of patrons to test their weed strains using a PurplPro. The results were interesting.

One insight from testing at Product Earth was that all the Cali Packs, without fail, had the wrong cannabinoid info listed on their packaging, averaging a whopping 10% less THC than advertised. The UK Medical Strains were the opposite, testing true to what it says on the packet.

While the legal landscape surrounding cannabis in the UK remains a maze of complexities, Strains UK serves as a beacon in the fog. The site is not just a haven for recreational users; it’s an invaluable resource for the growing number of medical cannabis patients as well. Amid the shifting tides of global cannabis legalisation, Strains UK aims to offer crystal-clear, up-to-date information on both medical and recreational strains. If a particular strain is available for medical use, the site guides users to affiliated clinics where they can obtain a prescription. And for those interested in seeds, Strains UK is gearing up to direct users to legitimate sources—strictly for souvenir purposes, of course!

So there you have it—Strains UK is more than just another cannabis website; it’s a one-stop shop designed with the UK consumer in mind. Whether you’re a casual toker curious about that new strain your dealer’s raving about, or a medical patient seeking credible information, Strains UK has got you covered. With a rich database that’s ever-expanding and real-world insights that challenge conventional wisdom, it’s the definitive guide for anyone looking to navigate the UK’s complex cannabis landscape. Happy browsing!

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