This Week In Weed – 8 October 2018

Burton-based brewing corporation Molson Coors is to start selling cannabis-infused drinks – but only in Canada.

Molson Coors Canada, the Canadian business unit of Molson Coors Brewing Company, and Canadian cannabis producer, The Hydropothecary Corporation, have formed a joint venture to develop non-alcoholic, cannabis-infused beverages for the Canadian market following legalisation for recreational use.

However, a spokesman for the firm said the cannabis drinks will not be coming to Burton.

Britain misses out due to prohibition again…

Hemp to be studied in space

Space Tango, a Kentucky startup that develops microgravity research platforms, has announced plans to form a subsidiary focused on the plant biology and properties of hemp.

The new startup, which has not been named, will look for ways to enhance and bioengineer hemp for biomedical applications on Earth.

Through microgravity research Space Tango seeks to better understand hemp plants. “When we send plants to the International Space Station, we eliminate one core, constant force to which plants are well-adapted – gravity,” said Joe Chappell, who chairs the University of Kentucky’s College of Pharmaceutical Sciences and is a member of Space Tango’s Science Advisory Team. “When plants are ‘stressed’ they pull from a genetic reservoir to produce compounds that allow them to adapt and survive. Understanding how plants react in an environment where the traditional stress of gravity is removed can provide new insights into how adaptations come about and how researchers might take advantage of such changes for the discovery of new characteristics, traits, biomedical applications and efficacy.”

Doctor u-turns on gateway claim

The president of the Ontario Medical Association has taken back her claim that recreational cannabis is a “gateway drug” to harder substances.

Dr Nadia Alam says she “misspoke” during an interview on CBC Radio. Several members of the medical community spoke out against her statements, and on Alam apologised via Twitter.

“I apologize. I misspoke. Recreational cannabis is NOT a gateway drug. I thank my colleagues for correcting me,” Alam tweeted. “Decriminalization & harm reduction create safer, healthier communities. Illness should be treated without stigma.”

If only people in positions of influence would apologise for misleading the public more often…

CBD cycling

American Floyd Landis, who was stripped of his 2006 Tour de France title after being found guilty of doping, has announced plans to launch a professional cycling team that will be sponsored by his cannabis business.

Landis was later a US government whistleblower in the doping case against former teammate Lance Armstrong. He said he is using money from his share of the settlement in that case to fund the team, which will be based in Canada.

Floyd’s of Leadville, the Colorado-based cannabis business that the former professional cyclist launched in 2016, will be the title sponsor of the team.

The company sells legal hemp and cannabidiol products that are designed to alleviate soreness in athletes and inspired by the former racer’s own journey competing with chronic pain.

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