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Russ Belville kicks off his new segment The UK Cannabis Chronicle over on The Marijuana Agenda to get the low down and the highlights of the UK cannabis movement and campaigns currently taking place. 

Greg de Hoedt, Chairman of the UK Cannabis Social Clubs touches base on a few of the recent activities seen in the UK cannabis scene.

Russ was instrumental in the founding of the UK Cannabis Social Clubs after Greg de Hoedt spent 6 months in the US working alongside NORML where he set up chapters across the US and coordinated with other activist orgs creating a grassroots network that all worked in the same way to create a national push for change and supported each other achieve their mutual goals at a similar pace.

On this weeks show we hear about some of the 420 events that took place around the UK on and around the 20th of April. There were more 4/20 events in 2017 than any previous year in the UK which shows that this is a celebration that is taking root in the British Isles.

Product Earth and Green Pride are the next upcoming events in the UK calendar and we look forward to welcoming Radical Russ over to Product Earth where he will be reporting live over the two days with interviews of our guests speaking at the UKCSC Seminar Zone.

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