‘We can’t wait – we need growing at home to be decriminalised’

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The conversation is raging. Not only for medical cannabis either, recreational cannabis has been flung into the spot light after Lord William Hague took to The Telegraph newspaper and declared that the war on cannabis has been “comprehensively and irreversibly lost”. This lead to a media storm that has lasted more than ten days.

On Wednesday  the 20th of June at 9am in the midst of this frenzy, Greg de Hoedt Chairman and founder of the UK Cannabis Social Clubs was invited to speak on BBC 2’s Victoria Derbyshire show to discuss both medical and recreational cannabis. He was able to share his personal account about managing Crohn’s Disease without proper medical care or attention and explains the pit falls of having to illegally source cannabis and how that resulted in him travelling to the US to gain access to medical quality cannabis oil and ultimately forming the UKCSC.

Greg destroys the myth that Skunk is a new form of cannabis and directly calls medical cannabis the same thing as Skunk to the dismay of MP George Freeman.

Baroness Meacher tackles the psychosis argument and doesn’t back down as she is met with objections.

Ian Frizell is a Parkinson’s Disease activist that has had over 50 million views on his video showing how medical cannabis stops his tremors which are incredibly life limiting. Ian and Greg spent the afternoon together and attended a parliamentary meeting, thank you cannabis for making that possible! You can hear Ian tell his story on the show.

The debate seemed incredibly positive and gave a lot of time to the patients who had some very important experiences to be put across to the public.

You can watch the full 45 minutes here, if you would like to leave a comment to tell us what you thought of the discussion in the comments section below we would love to hear from you.

The UKCSC are campaigning to help adults gain safer access to cannabis products through regulated outlets and the right to grow at home for medical and personal use. You can now become a member of the UKCSC here and by doing so you are helping us to carry out our important activism.

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