What your MP Candidates think about cannabis policy.


The General Election 2015 is fast approaching but will you be voting? We all want an evidence based policy so let’s find out what your current MP feels about the current drug policy and what their plans are in regards to cannabis legislation after the new Government is assembled. 

Please take this letter and fill in the appropriate information and feel free to add more, but this is sufficient to hopefully receive a reply – after all, the pressure is now on them! Don’t just leave it to your current MP to tell you what their outward view of cannabis policy is, it would be worth you finding out who your other potential would be MP’s are via a quick google search and fire them over the same e-mail. If you then want to forward that e-mail over to election@1f5.f6e.myftpupload.com we will let people know if that political hopeful is going to be on the side of evidence.


I am *INSERT YOUR NAME*, and I am writing to you today because I want to know your opinion on a subject that is very close to my heart.

With an election coming up and poll after poll showing huge support for the decriminalisation or legalisation of cannabis, I feel this is an important issue that will affect the way millions of people vote.

Please could you respond with your opinions on drug policy in general and in particular on the relaxation of cannabis laws, with a brief explanation as to why you feel the way you do?

Thank you in advance, I look forward to hearing your response.



Type your postcode into this website – https://www.writetothem.com/ and make sure you use a real e-mail address and click the confirm e-mail that asks if you really really want to send a letter to your MP.

Find your MP, copy and paste the above text into a message to them using the link, and hit send. Then let me know when you get a response. If it’s negative, I’ll post it on my site, make sure it gets shared widely, and write back to them on your behalf. How easy is that?

By Deej Sullivan – The Domestic Extremist.

2 thoughts on “What your MP Candidates think about cannabis policy.

  1. If people say they want drugs decriminalised, would they want their
    children to be off their head on drugs all day because it’s legal? I
    noticed there are a lot of druggies who make light of taking drugs
    online, and there are also a lot of children online unsupervised, so it
    seems as scary for children as all the perverts online.

    1. This seems to be a common concern, so I will do my best to address it here. The main issue is that the law is grossly inconsistent: a dangerous drug like alcohol is legal, but a natural one with myriad health benefits and no fatalities so far (a quick Google search will return references for this) like cannabis is illegal. I don’t know a single person who wants children smoking, but alcohol is legal and it’s not like we sell it to pre-schoolers! When we talk about legalization, what the overwhelming majority of people mean is “cannabis will be available in the same way as alcohol has been for decades: you must be over the age of 18, and it will be taxed to provide an income stream for government”. On a personal note, I will give my opinion: marijuana grows in the dirt. It’s that simple. Who are you, or I, or anybody else to say that someone who is over 18 shouldn’t consume it? When I smoke cannabis, it does not make me a danger to anybody else, so even if it were really bad for me (which it isn’t of course) I am a grown adult, and I should be able to make that decision for myself. No I don’t want children getting stoned; I also don’t want them getting drunk, or smoking cigarettes, or driving cars, or flying planes, or having sex or doing any of the other things our society agrees is fine for adults but not for children. That’s not what we’re talking about here.

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