Wrexham To See Cannabis Social Club Movement Spread To North Wales

Hello to the UK Cannabis Social Club movement! We are the Wrexham Social Cannabis Club.

The club began almost three months ago with three founding members who each use cannabis for a better quality of life. They are: our president, who lives and breathes the cannabis movement in the UK; our Secretary and Communications Officer, who works with individuals with complex needs and is a Criminology postgraduate student. And our treasurer, a businessman and keen cannabis activist in North Wales.

We found each other through searching for support (concluding that it didn’t exist) and each had a similar quality, the motivation to do something about this lack of support locally. Between the three of us we have battled anxiety, depression, psychiatric medication and epilepsy with cannabis.

We want to be able to grow our own medicine and show that the cannabis club movement is where people need to be going for help. If each club were able to grow this beautiful, free-growing green plant, we could look after our neighbours who need it.

We had the utmost pleasure of meeting Phil James. Phil attended our first meeting and told us how he battled brain cancer with cannabis and diet. Phil is our representative for North Wales and we look forward to the future of the club with individuals as informed and passionate like Phil alongside us. Phil is organising a summit in Wrexham to discuss policy reform this month. We will update our social media pages with information closer to the event! We are staying anonymous for as long as possible, because the way the system is we have to in order to keep our jobs, whatever freedom we have right now, and our businesses. It’s disgusting. Not much freedom really when you think about it.

We are lucky to live in a county where we have a Police Crime Commissioner who open about his views and agenda on drugs policy. Arfon Jones visited Teeside and stated that medicinal cannabis should be sold in off-licenses and invited the UKCSC model to North Wales. He told the Daily Post: “There are pubs and clubs where people go and drink alcohol so why shouldn’t consenting adults be able to use cannabis recreationally and without causing anyone any harm?”

If you do not know much about Wrexham, it has a thriving creative community, with a university, and a media image that tells you we all smoke spice (synthetic cannabis). The idea of a cannabis club would probably make a few locals think that we are crazy – and in some sense, we are – but not because of the club! The spice market is getting bigger and anti-social crime in Wrexham is becoming normalised. Some of us work alongside the police in our employment and cannabis ‘crime’ is more of a nuisance than it is a serious offence. Several police officers have disclosed how they wish they didn’t catch people with cannabis because it’s a waste of the officers time and the person who’s luck just ran out. They could focus on the real crime.

ITV, 2017

This is what the UK might know us for, but we know us for our village lifestyle, creativity and passion for the town and Wales. We each see the strain on services, and we truly believe we can lighten that load, help people, and support those living a guilty life trying to save a loved one through using cannabis, or someone who doesn’t know where to start – now you can come to us.

Prohibition just isn’t working. We could have a venue which allows people to access high quality cannabis, educate themselves on the plant, meet people with similar interests and those who are unwell can have all the information and support they need. Since the club began, each of our lives has changed for the better. We have a group who share the same ideas, and bring new ones. We are passionate about the community element of the club, it runs itself with members pitching in where they can. At the moment we meet fortnightly in the town centre and have open discussions on anything; it’s a place you can share your passion and interests. Next month we are having a small outdoor event for our initial members where we can smoke, eat good food, listen to good music and meet good people. We have had a positive response with everyone we have shared our ideology with to date, and people are coming to us for advice. It’s all going the right way!

We have started a petition which we would like people to help us with; we need to get the attention of the decision makers, whoever they may be. Please sign it here.

For more info:

Please check out our Instagram (@bigbudtank); Facebook (Wrexham Social Cannabis Club); Twitter (@bud_tank)

Check out Arfon Jones (@ArfonJ) on his visit to Teeside here.

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