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The UKCSC have a reputation for getting their voices heard whether it be about bust of a medical grower or addressing mis-education in the local press about the alleged dangers of cannabis. But now the time has come to get a bit more hands on and start making the conversation happen.

Cannabis consumers do have a duty to talk about the issues that affect them, because if they don’t express those thoughts and feelings about the law and the shaping of the emerging industry no one is going to know.  During the transition phase that we feel ourselves to be in, where countries around the world have taken the first steps to regulate the market there has been a green surge to make sure that the UK is not left behind while the Government sit in wait.

We have made it our mission over the last 4 years to keep this conversation happening. Our nationwide cannabis picnic protests have sparked conversation in local and national press and our national events are pulling large numbers of people together both to celebrate cannabis , it’s benefits and the culture, and to also stand united against the utterly counterproductive prohibition of something that is essentially a medicinal kitchen herb.

So this year we are unveiling our new summer campaign at the highly anticipated hemp fest, Product Earth. The Cannabis Conversation Couch is a place to chat about the developments in Uruguay, Jamaica, Colorado, Washington, Alaska and Oregon. We also want to hear what you think about the rise of Cannabis Social Clubs in Europe, most notably Spain where 700 such establishments have taken root. Let’s not forget what we have going on here in the UK as there are 80 such clubs aiming for the same thing as Spain.

So, when we’ve got you sat down in the green seat we will be switching on the camera and uploading your views to our YouTube to share with the word and truly get this conversation rolling!

If you have got something to say, now’s the time to say it cause the whole world is listening, watching and waiting for Britain to make its move.

Don’t just come to see us though! NORML UK, Women’s Alliance and United Patients Alliance will be there in full force.

The festival has a live music stage with top artists like Trojan Sound System, Earl Gateshead, Dizraeli and Downlow, The Scribes, Mr Scratch, Beatfox and many more to make sure the full fourtwenty effect is felt.

Get yourselves over to to get your tickets and a full set list of the great live music that THTC have got lined up for us.

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1 thought on “Come and have a chat on the Cannabis Conversation Couch

  1. Hi My name is Joanna I have just discovered your web site and will be joining your membership. I have lived with the chronic pain of Osteoarthritis for over 40 yrs after a bad accident when I was 24 yrs old and lost the lower part of my Right Leg. I worked full time once I had recovered from my injuries with short periods off work when I needed strong Opioid pain killers to combat serious pain, then I would wean myself off and it was back to work. Drs made all the right noises referred me to Pain clinics, Neurologists for MRI scans, but the treatments and facet joint injections all seemed to go pear shaped on me & leave me with more nerve damage and pain. In 2011 my lumbar & cervical spine finally gave out completely! Now Because of Osteoarthritis I need a left knee replacement, bone removed from the base of my right thumb and if it were possible & I could trust them not to put me completely in a wheelchair with double incontinence etc etc. But I do not trust them & I just cannot take anymore pain on top of all that I live with now.
    So Sorry Guys ……..Now to get straight to the point and not bore you all to sleep with out the help of our banned illegal but magic weed! My current G.P. Had been prescribing Oxycodone at a high dose 180 mgs. Being Asthmatic leaves me unable to use any anti inflammatory medicines and after yrs of trying other meds. Has me reacting so badly to Drugs like Gabapentin, Amitriptyline, etc. and Tramadol made me so sick I could not function at all. I am also taking paracetamol and a low dose of Diazepam 2 mgs. at night with Valerian Root & melatonin to try to get some rest Since 2011 I can no longer sleep flat I rest / sleep in a recliner chair. Just a few weeks ago my Dr (G.P.) Blindsided me with, ‘Myself and all the other Drs in the practice are No longer comfortable prescribing Oxycodone to you any more! We believe you are masking emotional pain and physical pain with the Oxycodone And from now on you will be put on a reduction program till you are completely off all the Oxycodone. I had gone to see her with an Ear nerve Q / possible neck problem my 12 mins. With her were up! Then for a further 50 mins. She bombarded me with the facts & the whys & the we’re fore’s etc etc. But no other offers of treatment that would assist me with my chronic pain! Because there is Nothing else Guys! I am now 67 yrs. old I have a DNA Resuscitation in place along with Advanced Directives. And it ain’t there because my life is So Full of the Joys of Living! I am now half way through withdrawing off the Oxycodone my pain is so bad I sit and cry rocking myself to try and ease it……..I have no family or partner Just a few close friends, one of them is a great gardener! Yes Guys I am growing my own having researched it seen great Positive TV programs etc. On all the great things that it can do especially for pain anxiety & insomnia…. I am willing my little seedlings to hurry up & grow their big hearts out cos I am so desperate for some relief from my returning growing pain & problems. I will be joining as a member and fighting for My right to appropriate treatment, and two fingers up to this so called NHS that discriminates against patients they are unable to help, We need to open their eyes to what has been used for more than 2000 yrs to ease patients suffering
    Please can someone Tell me what ever Happened to ‘First do No Harm Guys’…………

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