Cannabis in the Commonwealth

Today is marked down on the calendar as The Commonwealth of Nations Day, a celebration of which is formally known as The British Commonwealth and as such the remainder of the British Empire. Today it mainly stands as a way to keep trading agreements open between countries formerly ruled by Britain. With the legalisation of […]

Stoner Listening: CannafamUK Podcast

Resident Producer down on the south coast Edison Carter presents his new UK Cannafam podcast, broadcasting the latest talk and happenings in across the cannabis community and activists pushing for reform. In Cannafam #001 host Edison looks at the news of a Nuclear Bunker being raided and found to be a full scale cannabis farm […]

Summer Cannabis Calender 2015

We have already had two really fun and big events in the UK with Hyde Park 420 and Product Earth bringing thousands of people together to make the world a little bit more happy, peaceful and unified.  Over the next 8 weeks though there are lots more events on the grassroots level meaning that if […]

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Occasionally we like to send out reminders about what’s going on in the different parts of the country in the cannabis calender or make you aware of a big event either that you might be interested in attending or something that we think, simply needs your attention.  The ability to have a quick call to […]