Stoner Listening: CannafamUK Podcast

Resident Producer down on the south coast Edison Carter presents his new UK Cannafam podcast, broadcasting the latest talk and happenings in across the cannabis community and activists pushing for reform.

In Cannafam #001 host Edison looks at the news of a Nuclear Bunker being raided and found to be a full scale cannabis farm covering 20 rooms inn the impenetrable fortress.

Listen to “CannafamUK_Podcast_001” on Spreaker.


Sy Dignam and John Smith from Hampshire Cannabis Community and Canna Coffee House have a little review of the Dispensary Pen, a new innovative tool to vaporise your own hash oil and dabs with added natural terpenes that match well known cannabis strains.

A shout out to the Leeds Cannabis Social Club for their 4/20 event coming up – get there if you can and support your local scene. London, Durham, Manchester…you have been notified!

Pineapple Chunk from Sussex Shatter was the Strain on the Brain and wow what a flavour!

We even took a look at the Dynavap vaporiser too – that’s pretty nifty, eh!?

If you have any content or banter that you would like to share with Edison for the Cannafam Podcast, here’s your chance. A patient story, a review of a strain or any products get in touch via Instagram @cannafamUK or Facebook Edison Carter.


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